So what do you guys like to talk about

When I go to coach’s blog, I always hope there will be _____.

The sky is the limit. I’m here for you. Content provider. Squeaky wheel gets the grease and so forth.

There will always be training logs.


Wt: 170.4

Cgb: 265,275,285,295 x 1

Mrs: 235 x 6; 245,255,265,275 x 3

BTN: 142.5,143.5,145 x 2

SGD: 235,245,255,265,275 x 3

Polyps: 8,8

Time: 1:01


40 thoughts on “So what do you guys like to talk about

    • This makes me think about my early high school days, and health class, and learning about contraceptives, and MTV, and Bill and Hillary Clinton and, back then I wouldn’t have minded banging her, you know she was always horny because Bill was busy working, would rather bang her than salt and pepper who are homely and overweight, sorry ladies but so were their most vocal fans at my school who were white and wore starter jackets and intimidated me.

          • I had a nightmare last night where suddenly i had no clothes and had to (idk had but the dream started after this) make it back to my apartment in some city but like i had you know a beard and looked pretty pissed off about the whole situation so people steered clear rather than laugh and point. I’m sure this dream reveals extreme psychological dysfunction and like level VII repressed homosexually i don’t know why I’m posting this but i blame subconsciously receiving your blog comment

    • By 531 do you mean like just making fun of various lifting things or literally talking about 531.

      It’s kind of hard because stuff usually falls into the obvious spam gimmick or idk not too bad i guess category. 531 btw is the latter as I hope my post made clear i just got annoyed at it being rated 108.6 when it should be like 86.4.

      • I don’t remember the post offhand (link for the lazy?), but I have a lot of love for basic/IADJS 5/3/1 because running it was by far the longest I’ve done a program without having to discontinue/modify due to my stupid ass hurting myself. It also laid the groundwork for my press PR, so *handmotions*

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