Helping the hungry is hard. Hue.


Above (actual caption): Hurngy People want food and we’re going to give them some.

What that’s supposed to a be a picture of: a can of peaches (drawn with a medieval disregard for perspective).

Ominous backwoods Southern voice: They want food, huh? Well we’re some gonna give them…hard and fast, heh heh.


Actual label caption: Peaches yum

what this looks like to me: “Peaches y cum,” (one of Goya’s less successful products.)

Karena put up all the boy scout food drive posters except this one, which is so special that it’s going up in my office where no one can see it ever.

Rex is excellent at math.


14 thoughts on “Helping the hungry is hard. Hue.

    • I’m not sure if conservative, implying that liberal attempts to help people sometimes do more harm than good. Or liberal decrying conservative charity as intentionally demeaning and stigmatizing.
      Definitely heavy handed though – was probably done with crayon held in clenched fist.

      • “”Peaches y cum,” (one of Goya’s less successful products.)”

        For some reason I’m finding this much funnier than I should be.

        The cartoon is definitely ominous. I see an evil, grinning face inviting ‘poor people’ to ‘come and get some’.

    • i am the opposite way: I love babies. All people are good when babies. Most 1 yr olds are good etc etc. People gradually drop out over time until you’re left with your family and a few close friends and everyone else is bad 😀
      tldr: you blog guys are giant babies. it’s all good.

  1. This reminds me of that artist, Pierro Manzoni, that sold canned shit (legit feces) as artwork. Except that people weren’t sure if there was really shit or plaster inside. Opening the can would ruin the value. I like this new piece titled “Peaches or Cum”. You have a 50/50 shot.

  2. Looks like an giant, angry, hungry dildo about to wreak havoc on the poverty sticken masses. 10/10 would read this dystopian comic book.

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