training log

wt: 171.0

t/h: 57/61% broke out the beanie

Floor Press: 235,240,245,250,255,260 x 2

Squat: 325,335,345,355 x 2

BTN Press: 125,126,127.5,128 x 3

SLDL: 175 x 8, 185,195,205 x 4

OHS: 80 x 10; it’s cool that if i reach up all the way i can press the bar against the top of the rack like an isometric or just a good judge of whether the rep is complete; finally i have found a good use for being exactly 5’5.75″ with arms the length they are.

Weaver Stick: 2.5,3 x 5 this is the one that i invented where i swing it up and tap the crossbar of the rack. it kind of reminds me of putting a golf ball

Weaver Stick Front: 5 x 1; this is the traditional lift found max; btw for all of these I’m using the thick handle guess the broomstick one was just made for practice or maybe i’ll bring it inside maybe i’ll tape idk fishing weights to it and play with it and amuse Quincy and Coach Jr and threaten Rex with it and annoy Karena

Weaver Stick Back: 6.25 x 1; it’s a little easier like this the webpage was right

time: 1:23