Pumpkin Patch

the place was virtually abandoned on Friday night so got to horse around like spraying Rex with hose and throwing beanbags at Karena.  Went back today and all the younger two wanted to do was sit in these corn kernels.  All Rex wanted to do was go down this slide x 1000.


Me: Shh those things cost money

Next year probably just going to buy 500 lbs of corn from a feed store and stay home all together.

wt: 173.0 chinese restaurant last night you should have seen Coach Jr.

Pro: ate frog legs and shrimp with bacon.

Con: Ate only bacon and threw shrimp on floor.  Also threw handfuls of rice everywhere on the floor.  Karena is dainty and sensible so is able to manage the kids and eat her fill.  I had to bring back like five plates at a time and gobble crazily IOT get my money’s worth while Coach Jr is trying to put his hand in soysauce/wasabi, and eat my napkin.

t/h: 61/63%

Floor Press: 200 x 6; 205,210,215,220,225,230 x 3

Squat: 275 x 6; 285,295,305,315 x 3

BTN Press: 118.5,120,121,122.5,123.5 x 3

SLDL: 245,255,265,275 x 2

Overhead Shrug: 70 x 10


WS – wanted a way to progressively train for sledgehammer so constructed rudimentary Weaver stick

time: 1:29


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