Mini Me’s and Cat Bee

wp-1478137001643.jpgEveryone is happy.

Coach Jr btw is 59th percentile height, 78th percentile weight and 89th percentile head size this is the first time in history someone in my family has been larger than average.  May get the growth chart framed.

Mon 10/31/16

wt 172.2

CGB: 220 x 3; 225,230,235,240 x 2

MRS: 295,300,305,310,315,320,325 x 1

Mil Press: 141,142.5 x 3

SLDL: 205,210 x2

time: 1:11 distracted by planning my nanowrimo novel which will be a version of Don Quixote in the original Spanish that is verbally identical to the original but infinitely richer.

Tue 11/1/16

wt: 172.4

Floor Press: 230,235,240,245,250,255 x 2

Squat: 355,360,365,370,375 x 1

BTN Press: 112.5,113.5 x 3

SLDL: 215,220,225 x 3

time: 1:19

Wed 11/2/16

wt: 170.8

CGB: 245,250,255,260,265,270,275 x 1

MRS: 225 x 6; 230,235,240,245,250,255 x 3

Mil Press: 143.5,145,146 x 2

SGDL: 250,255,260,265 x 3

BB Shrug: 305 x 10

time: 1:14

in my sledgehammery i noticed that whatever muscle moves my hand towards my forearm seems to be weak.  Like put your hand down and keep your arm straight.  Now bend your wrist and only your wrist in the thumb direction. Obviously the ROM is limited.

Anyway: what muscle does this?  Is it the Flexor Carpi Radialis?  Can I strengthen it or will I just get tendonitis or something?  I tried holding a ten pound plate in my hand and doing hammer curls without bending my elbow.  It went OK.


15 thoughts on “Mini Me’s and Cat Bee

  1. “what muscle does this?”

    I probs could have told you this if I was still in anatomy 1 learning all the muscles. But now I’m in anatomy 2 being bogged down by shit I don’t need to know. I googled it though and flexor carpi radialis is one of them.

    • Come on guy. I just read the latest wimpy kid book and he has a similar theory of knowledge being pushed out of the head in order to make room for more.

      But no it’s cool i don’t actually have to know the name of the muscle. To be totally honest playing with the hammer is the only part of my training i truly enjoy. It’s like i must finish the rest of the stuff which is ofc valuable in order to maximize minutes spent being frustrated and inadequate.

  2. We’re talking wrist abduction, right?

    I haven’t done any levering work in a while, which is a shame; it is surprisingly fun. Also, I like the idea of proactively strengthening some of the areas of the body that would otherwise fall apart if I ever tried to actually play a sport (as opposed to just training).

    • I occasionally use a hammer, axe or sling blade for “business” but i’ll be honest, my goal is to impress Karena and her dad (his role in the daydream is to provide verification that the task is worthy and sufficiently difficult i.e. he can’t do it) Would possibly also post video on internet iot impress the six of you. Finally i think it’s something i would be able to do as an old man that’s not super depressing.

  3. Great family pic! I’m hoping that the children’s beards were spur of the moment and drawn on in sharpie.

    I’m sure you know this but there are tons videos of people bashing their teeth in trying to touch sledges to noses. This is a perfect party truck imo. Of course, the party will either have to be in a garage or you’ll need a costume that requires a sledgehammer.

  4. I’m surprised with that beard your neighbors haven’t reported you for being a terrorist sympathizer.

    I have a lot to about your previous posts, but my phone is acting up and I can’t be assed to do it right now. Maybe later.

    Putting the finishing touches on my first real website, then I’m going to get back in to the curriculum because I’ve realized how little I know still.

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