Mayor of the Palace

wt: 172.6

CGB: 175 x 6; 180,185,190,195,200,205 x 3

MRS: 260,265,270,275,280,285,290 x 2

Mil Press: 172.5,175,177.5,180 x 1

SLDL: 170 x 8, 175,180,185,190,195,200,205 x 4

Neck Harness: 55×8 not the 10 i wanted, i haven’t been training this lately because i got an actinic keratosis burned off my forehead which left a blister -> sore -> scar adding to my general overall hideous visage.  Then I guess neck harness left a new blemish…

Quincy @ breakfast: Daddy, you have two boo-boos on your head.

finally sledgehammer which i toy with every day and just assume i’ll not mention this again until i’m the lever world champion of the world and my middle name is Martel.

time: 1:20



2 thoughts on “Mayor of the Palace

  1. Little known fact about Charles Martel: in order to fund the professional army he he needed to fight then-modern wars, Martel held a bake sale at the monastery of St. Martin of Tours, where a small cream cake sold well. It was said that the Merovingian dynasty, then in decline, was too fond of the pastry and overconsumption made them dissolute, hastening their fall. The cake was so popular that some historians claim the recipe was the real goal of the Umayyad invaders, not the spread of Islam into northern France.

    Martel and his professional army went on to defeat the Umayyads at Poitiers, France and Europe remained Christian, and the cake became the Twinkie.


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