Back to the Future

I find that if I take a planned day off, not only do I not feel more rested in the morning from the extra sleep but the next time I train I feel worse.  Have started waking up at 5 AM on weekends instead of 4 , though.  Also doesn’t feel any better and since this means I lift til almost seven, members of my family come to jar me out of my reverie.

Saturday, Rex wandered into the gym as I was changing out of my shoes.  Radio was still on blasting some rap song but I quickly shut it off.  Guess it doesn’t matter because he learned every swear word in existance on Friday night because I insisted he watch Back to the Future with me.  I wanted him to see the story of how I went back in time and introduced my parents to each other.  Well I guess it’s not really my story but I prefer to remember a version of high school where I am Michael J. Fox.  I saw it in the theaters when I was eight (and my brother was six) so I figured he was old enough to handle it (he’s 9 & movie is PG btw).  Apparently since I became a parent they added dozens of curse words and inappropriate situations that I never noticed even though I’ve seen the movie hundreds of times.

Yelled at Rex for coming into gym, waking up early, trying to hear inappropriate music, lurking suspiciously & host of other purported misdeeds.  He had a question about his extra credit math homework that he woke up @ 6 AM to do.  BRB worst father ever.  But i did tell him I was sorry a couple seconds later and helped him with his question (that was the only one he got wrong; what an awesome dad)

Sunday Karena and Coach Jr came in at the same post-workout time (but i’d already shut the music off)  to see if I wanted eggs.  At least I didn’t shout at them.


Sat 10/8/16

Wt: 173.2

Bench: 135,140,145,150,155,160,165,170,175,180 x 3

have been experimenting with wider/narrower grip, less/more arch to make shoulder feel better

Manta Ray Squat: 280,285,290,295,300,305,310,315 x 1

Mil Press: 170,172.5,175,177.5 x 1; 120 x 6

SLDL: 195,200,205,210,215,220,225 x 3

Time: 1:21

Sun 10/9/16

wt: 174.6 what a fatass

Floor Press: 205,210,215,220,225,230,235 x 2

Squat: 350,355,360,365,370 x 1

BTN: 127.5,130,132.5,135,137.5 x 2; 140,142.5,145 x 1

SGDL: 265,270,275,280,285,290,295 x 2

Time: 1:14


20 thoughts on “Back to the Future

  1. I watched “Back to the Future” with my 6&7YO about a month ago and was absolutely shocked at the language and inappropriate situations as well. We turned it off and went swimming. Today, I was watching”Blood Diamond” and my 6YO walked in and sat down just as Danny Archer said, “For fuck’s sake… you endanger my life again and I will kill your black ass.” #2 says: “Is this a rated R movie?” We finished watching “Alvin and the Chipmunks: Road Chip.”

    • Well he’s a little older than your kids, and he didn’t repeat any of the words today, so we’re in for the trilogy.

      Quincy, however, learned the word “titties” – at Sunday School.

  2. Coach it’s because this reality is more sinister and evil thanks to CERN destroying the universe a few times with the particle collider.

    Also the terrorists no longer have a Toyota van but a VW van.

    • Your theory is shot to shreds because I’ve watched this movie every six days since it came out so I can tell you with confidence that it always was a VW. I remember, well, this was before you were born, son, but my grandma’s neighbor had one of these and my brother and I called it the terrorist van.

      That said, the scene where Marty randomly decides to destroy Doc’s giant speaker was added sometime in 2014.

      Also, what is “Toyota”?

  3. So, uh, I did something athletic this past weekend that might actually be legitimately* impressive, but I can’t say what it was on here because it’d compromise my pseudonymity.

    This is the worst post ever. Whoops.

    * in a bullshit sport nobody cares about, though

    Midnight MopeRadio might be NSFW depending on where you work:

      • Yeah he’s Tom Brady. He hung out with Brent that one weekend but Brent is such a moper he didn’t even realize it was Brady. Also the paparazzi didn’t realize it was Brady because hanging with Brent is such a good cover

          • The joke was that you guys had figured me out, so I had to change my username to another Lady Gaga spoonerism. And you know it’s a REALLY good joke when you have to explain it.

            And yeah, the sport is obscure enough that it wouldn’t be hard to dox me for reals.

          • Well congratulations. It’s nice that someone accomplish something around here. Also congratulations every time i come back to this comment section I waste a minute or two pondering. Cup flipping? Polo? I know, I know you can’t tell us. It’s not a board game is it? That would be cool too. I’ll take this moment to boast that I’ve been on a good axis and allies run and am about #14 in the world. (About 100 people play my version regularly imo, so take that with a grain of salt)

          • It’s endurance-related, and that’s all I’ll say.

            Axis and Allies, eh? I miss that game. The physical version took so damn long to set up and clean up that I lost enthusiasm for it, and then the computerized version had a bug where each turn for the computer would take exponentially longer. Which version do you play?

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