Quincy’s Self Portrait


This is horrifying.


11 thoughts on “Quincy’s Self Portrait

  1. Since I am an elementary teacher I’ll chime in. Most little kids self portraits have crazy looking teeth and blood/red colors. IDK why. At open house K-1 teachers have a lot of self portraits displayed in the halls and parents are always concerned when they see little Johnny with a mouth full of fangs and blood on his face. She’s fine.


      i think it has to do with her knowing about like various features of the face and insisting on including them. Like “I have nostrils!” “I have a tongue!” And “I have lovely eyelashes people say!” I’m surprised they’re not purple since that’s her favorite color. So what’s up with all the red, professor?

      • NO! SHE IS THE MOST SPECIAL GIRL ON THE PLANET! Just like all children. I really don’t know why all the red. I’m not kidding about it. At all three elementary schools I have taught at, K and 1st grade always have some kind of “About Me” lesson that includes some kind of self portrait and 75% of them have a mouthful of fangs, crazy eyes and feature black and red as if those are the only two crayons in their box. IDK why… I’ll ask the school psychologist.

        • I vaguely remember basically using big V’s to draw teeth on pictures. I assume for me it was a combination of “these are sharp so they must be pointed” and being too lazy to actually draw them like they’re supposed to be done. I say lazy because I distinctly remember coloring a picture of a grasshopper in preschool by taking a green crayon and covering the paper with no regard for the lines.

          • once i drew a picture of a guy with no arms
            My mom: “You forgot something, honey. Do you know what’s missing?”
            Me: “… … his knees.”
            Draws big circles in center of guy’s legs

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