Fixing Sink

A year ago we had a giant leak under the kitchen sink.  Karena’s dad (FIL) came over and we fixed it.  By we, I mean that he did all the work and I occasionally handed him things and said “uh huh” at the appropriate times.

Afterwards we had a smaller leak, so we had to keep a bucket under the trap (nb i learned this word yesterday) and a towel under the bucket.  Every month or so (or whenever my feet started to get really wet all of a sudden) I would empty the bucket.

Dissatisfied with this state of affairs, I bought some pieces at the store that looked like the worst section of what we had going on under there.  Then I left the pieces under the sink for a year.  Yes, part of it was laziness but another part was because I’m not confident of my handyman skills.  I waited for a conversation like this to take place:

FIL: It’s too bad that the sink still leaks a little.
Me: You did the best you could with the parts you had.  Say, I happen to have this lying around!  Would it help?
FIL: You bet! [fixes sink]

But this never happened.  A more responsible/sensible thing to do would be for me to try to do it myself while he was visiting in case I ran into problems, needed advice, etc.

Instead (the other day while he was out of the state):

Me: Can you keep an eye on the kids for a few minutes while I swap out this one pipe-thing* under the sink?

*Never trust a plumber who calls it this

So anyway I started taking pieces out.  But the thing wouldn’t go on right because the pieces that it connected to were old and rotten.  So I took them out too.  An hour and a half later, I had everything under the sink removed and disassembled.  Sludgy old pieces, new pieces, extra washers that weren’t in any of the pictures etc.

Then I went to the shed to see if my FIL or his late uncle had stashed any spare plumbing things out there (it’s not as far-fetched as it sounds, but 95% of the time, what you find in that shed elicits thoughts/comments like “wow what the hell does that even do?”, “how freaking old is that thing” or “ew”.  You only get “That’s just what I needed!” about 5% of the time.)

All I found was a wasp nest by the door.  Well the wasps found me first.  One stung me in my shoulder blade.  It actually didn’t hurt that bad, and I wasn’t even sure I got stung at first till I saw the nest.  I sprayed it with poison.  This was maybe a turning point for the day.  I’m good at killing things & at least that cheered me up.

So I had to go to the hardware store.  Also Karena made me take Quincy because she was driving her crazy.

Me: Don’t worry, I know exactly what I need!**


Also the nearest hardware store is the last non-mega hardware store in America.  Old men hang around there for some reason (probably to make fun of people like me) and everybody talks in an incomprehensible Southern drawl.  So I wasn’t exactly thrilled to go, even if Quincy totally was.

Me: I have like a two-sink sink, see?  And I need like all the underneath pieces for the water draining out?

But I didn’t actually have to say ^this to anyone because they literally had that!

Me (at home): …You get extras of these connector things! And it was only $3.97!



“Helping” me by playing Bishop’s knife game on the back of my head with her fingers.  Note: I’m looking up the difference between a “slip joint” and a “direct connection”. Yes, my hands are clean bc we just got back from the store.

It started to all come together even though I had to saw two of the PVC pipes with an antique hacksaw I found in the shed (wasps fortunately hadn’t returned).  This seemed a little like cheating, since it didn’t say anything about sawing in the instructions on the package.  But I didn’t want to drive back out to the store with Quincy and have this hypothetical conversation with the elderly clerk:

Me: Hi can I exchange this four dollar item that’s already smeared with sludge for a set of pipes and connector-things that’s exactly identical but two of them are 3/4″ shorter?
Clerk: Now say what now?  Slow down, son.
Me: I have a receipt.

Anyway, I got it all assembled in time for dinner and surprisingly three days later it still hasn’t leaked.  I’m keeping the bucket and towel there a little longer, though.

Wt: 173.8

Drinkie: Pink Lemonade

Temp/Humidity: 76/79%

Pause Bench: 195,200,205,210,215,220,225 x 3; 230,235,240 x 2

Squat: 340,345,350,355,360,365,370,375 x 1

Mil Press: 165,167.5 x 1; 115 x 6; 117.5,120,122.5 x 3

Stiff Leg DL: 205,210,215,220 x 3; 225,230 x 2

Time: 1:18




7 thoughts on “Fixing Sink

  1. Sink traps are easy. Trip to the store takes longer than the work. Ever put an entire new float mechanism in a toilet? Or change a shower drain? Done all these things. Noob. Get on my house modding and poverty level. Actually my shower still leaks and it’s really bad, and I need to like, cut a hole in the wall and possibly solder shit to fix it and life is terrible.

    But uh, despite my comments talking about how great I am for fixing sink traps easily, nice job and you didn’t pay like $100 for putting 3 pieces of PVC pipe together.

    Oh, by the way. Don’t buy Drano, Liquid Plum-R, etc. Buy this stuff. Works amazing.

  2. How has it taken you this long to learn basically the first rule of home ownership?

    If you think something should take roughly an hour or less, you should block out your whole day. If you think it will take more than an hour, think more like a weekend.

    • I thought it would take five minutes but it took a year.

      Btw what Java assignment are you on? I stopped codecademy bc buggy (not accepting correct code, people complained in forum a year ago, problem not fixed, can’t advance). Got netbeans and started your Finnish one.

      • about to sit down and finish week 4.

        it was pretty much a breeze through the first two weeks, then I started getting stuck on problems occasionally. Still not too hard. I’ve had to google 3 problems so far.

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