Can I get a table dance?

Shake it up!

Percentage of lyrics of this song you now know: 83

Temp: 76

Humidity: 69

Drinkie flavor: Walmart sugarfree cherry limeade

First day with music in months. I gave up on buying cheap mp3 players because the last two died quick deaths not caused by chalk buildup, being crushed, or being left in my pocket and washed.

I know most people use their phones for music, but see above. So I decided to use my old phone, bought a four dollar micro SD card and loaded it up with music. The only annoyance was that plugging a cable between the phone and the computer doesn’t work so I have to pull off the case, remove the battery, take out tiny SD card, put it into adapter for computer & repeat in reverse each time. Brb Celica griping how technology was better in 1998.

Then I thought since I work out in my garage at 4 AM and live in the country, I could use speakers instead of headphones. Pulled a pair of computer speakers out of a box where they’ve been packed for idk since before I joined the Army.  I kept these because they were the largest set of speakers that ever came with a computer in history.

Probably you are hoping for an amusing disaster of me waking Karena up, or my kids learning the words to table dance but the only thing that happened is that I worked out slightly more rapidly but wasted eleven minutes fooling with wires and unboxing speakers so it was kind of a wash.

Wt: 173.2 had pizza yesterday because Karena didn’t thaw dinner in time. Alternative was spaghetti and this is stereotyping i know, and I can already think of tons of exceptions (Karena’s mom makes great spaghetti) but I feel people are generally better off not cooking food of other cultures. (Like my mom and homemade Chinese food, sorry mom).

Work sets only from now on

Pause bench: 205,210,215×3, 220,225,230,235,240,245×2

Squat: 260,265,270,275,280,285,290,295×3

Mil Press: 130×3, 132.5,135,137.5,140,142.5×2

Stiff Leg DL: 230,235,240,245×2, 155×8, 160×4

Pullups: 5

time: 1:12

At toddler time today with Quincy and Coach Jr, playing with plastic food. A four year-old offers me something invisible.

Me: nom nom! (Crunching and enjoyment sounds) That was good! What was it?

Kid (looking appalled & slightly hurt): A puppy.


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