…The fame and the glory


Got new android phone. Windows mobile is dead. Shut up. Yes it is obvious to everyone now but three years ago they had like a third of the market. This is a yahoo level failure (except one I didn’t call) so expect a fuller post on the subject and making fun of Microsoft and everybody stupid enough to buy a Windows phone. Shut up.
Lifting everyday at four AM. I’ll start posting logs again, braving the flowers for Algernon bullsh*t.  And yes i think quisp is stronger than me now. But it’s seven thirty so uh time for bed,  FML.


14 thoughts on “…The fame and the glory

  1. Microsoft, now the friendly company and Google the evil monstrous corporation. What a strange world. Also I think even 3 years ago Windows phone was plain dead or dying. I wanted my mom to buy Google stocks when they were $50 a share or whatever when they first came out. I saw it in the newspaper when we were on vacation. We bought more timeshares instead.

    But everyone knows it’s all about the Nokia N900 with Maemo, my dream phone.

    I would say Android’s gotten better over the years, but it’s still shit and phones are just stupid powerful enough to cover over how shit Android is. I actually hate Apple products and think iOS is a better OS, but I can’t put emulators and useful applications that are actually useful on an Apple phone without going through jailbreaking and bullshit.

    Really, the best solution is a Panasonic CF-30 Toughbook, an Xbox controller, a backpack with a motorcycle battery power supply in it, and a flip phone to call people.

    • Good taste in electronics.

      You seem like you’d know this–what kinds of collagen are worth taking for joint/musculoskeletal purposes, if any? Dante Trudel links to a study about fancy proprietary shit that he says finally convinced him but apparently regular old gelatin is a suitable alternative, and nobody else makes any sense at all.

    • re windows phone ok by a third of the market share 3 years ago i apparently meant 3%. http://www.idc.com/prodserv/smartphone-os-market-share.jsp

      there was a funny article about a guy going to a press conference where Microsoft announced new apps.
      CEO: and now for the big one…
      Crowd murmurs: they’re finally getting Instagram!
      CEO: Pandora radio!
      Crowd: (crickets)

      I hate apple too. Expensive and you’re confined to their nonsense.

      but android is fine. I mean phones are great. I don’t want to have to sit in front of a computer all day. *making this comment from desktop

      being a luddite eventually becomes frustrating and time-consuming. I’m not saying get an iphone6 or the latest windows 10 nonsense, or pinstagram and do everything in the cloud etc. It’s just that ugh my new phone is better. It cost $59 and there are amazon ads on the lockscreen yes.

      • “ok by a third of the market share 3 years ago i apparently meant 3%.”

        I appreciate you looking this up so I didn’t have to, for reals.

  2. holy shit, I just randomly thought of you again and checked today. You have an update. weird.

    I’m not even lifting these days, even though I have the home gym setup. However, I am learning Java, so there’s that.

        • Ah so you’ll be doing the java equivalent of olympic weightlifting while I use the SearsRoebuck chest expander – codeacademy and “learn java” app on my phone. I may switch. Yours is free right?

          • yeah.

            codecademy is where I started. Its a good thing to go through at first. the mooc.fi course gets way, way more in depth. I recommend it.

          • Yeah I can see that. I “learned” python there and at the end I had zero capabilities to do anything. I did manage to figure out how to download and install Python eventually no thanks to them. So got to the stage where I could write like simple programs to solve project Euler questions but like when I looked at a real program it was all like include this library and that library and I threw up my hands. The appeal of the app and codecademy is that I can learn a tiny bit each day while watching kids or waiting in line hopefully I’ll be able to give your Finland friends a try soon tho.
            Fitness goal: “staying active”

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