Miss you guys

lately: bought new Husqvarna (Swedish) weed-wacker

Rex: portrayed Ray Charles for school thing, did world’s worst science fair project, earned gray belt in jiu-jitsu

Quincy: bought her 10 new colors of play-doh because it was a father-daughter activity that we enjoy.  She won’t let me have any.

Coach Jr: has giant balding head, undersized but overfat body, stopped spitting up, has four teeth, eats mush; can’t crawl but rolls across floor to locomote.

Karena: promoted to like lieutenant colonel of boy scouts. new position takes tons of time.  Salary: $0.  Number of recipes involving an open fire and tin foil that she’s told me about today: 3

Me: almost killed (accidental crushing not homicidal frenzy) a kid who ran up to me and tugged on my shorts when I was about to descend in a squat with 410. bought my bench into jiu-jitsu place so I could bench.  learned that military/push/btn pressing only does not improve bench pressing at all.

May elaborate on any of these stories. May instead relapse into 3 more months of silence.


21 thoughts on “Miss you guys

  1. It’s been crickets from me too…I have two Husqvarna chain saws that are 20 years old and have a lot of miles on them but they always start, are low maintenance and after a hurricane people always ask me, “What kind of saw is that?” and “Where’d you get that?” My cousin has one of their dirt bikes and loves it. Hopefully their new stuff lives up…Swede, do Swedes actually use Husqvarna? Did you ask the kid why he was tugging on your shorts? Lt. Col. in the scouts is a lot of time…tin foil meals suck. All this and more next quarter.

  2. Yes!

    I Have only ever used Stihl saws back when I used to build bike trails. they are pretty nice. I’ve used a few husquvarna lawn mowers though.

    I believe the OHP to improve your bench is a myth also.

  3. I have a 17 year old dog. She’s got a million nicknames at this point but one of them is Bubberton Bear. I guess one of the side effects of getting old is shitting yourself before anyone can let you outside. I’ve now been calling her Poopington Bear.

    • 3/4 of the way through. I’d say worth $5.65, but maybe not $10-20. To be fair, he puts more thought and information in it than how Coach described Jim Wendler’s book. And it’s mostly all original content with I think only one story from the website, but with bonus parts from said story. 7/10 feel happy about purchase and supporting Nattyornot’s hustle and grind.

      • Wait, it’s a training book? Why would you pay to read Natty’s advice on training? I thought it was an epic narrative of losership and completely unreasonable hatred toward everything and everybody.

        • Finishing Nattyornot’s book, I now only give it a 6/10. It starts out pretty good, pretty angry at the world, then kind of ends in a Nietzsche type of existential meaninglessness with nothing mattering at all and everything being pointless. Main message was don’t be a tryhard phaggot at anything cuz it’ll be pointless and won’t matter, including being a vegan and helping the world in any manner, but also don’t be part of the Illuminati and do blood sacrifices for riches and sign your soul to the devil. Lots of very good funny/sad/strange anecdotes about Nat’s life, including pissing outside on prom night. Worth $5.65, not more though.

          • That’s pretty much how I imagine his book to be. Natty has a knack for storytelling and can be funny, but he tends to over-tell and lose track of where he’s going. Also his Elliot-Rodger-like opinions and worldviews often take over his story and seriously creep me out. Don’t think I could handle a whole book of that.

            Will maybe pirate 6.5/10.

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