Super Bowl Quiz

Match the person with their actions during the game.

  1. Me
  2. Karena
  3. Rex
  4. Quincy
  5. Coach Jr.
  6. Father-in-law
  7. Mother-in-law

a) ate a large Pizza Hut pizza plus a slice of another one. Played Axis and Allies on laptop during second half.

b) wore 49er’s jersey. Rooted for Panthers bc from Carolina. Mocked person playing Axis and Allies, then fell asleep on couch, missing 4th quarter.

c) noticed there was a football game and could identify teams playing, but played video games the entire time except when eating pizza or complaining.

d) did not notice there was a football game or pizza.  Played a game for three hours on tablet that seemed to involve Minnie Mouse and farting noises.

e) wore Carolina Panthers sweatshirt that was too small so gut hung out. Rolled about happily on floor until end of fourth quarter when Panthers were doomed.  Then vomited and cried hysterically.

f) watched game, slumped on couch like normal human

g) was at CHURCH during 1st half

Hint: 1-E




16 thoughts on “Super Bowl Quiz

  1. Coach, I think I’ve been having good luck again using a semi-sorta Celica Bulgarian method for my press. I’d like to know if you’d be interested in trying this methodology. It combines 3 programs, kind of. First it combines a Korean press program from the 1950s, that was 66% 5×5, 70% 5×5, and 72% 4×5. Then the old Hoffman 5,4,3,2,1.

    How it goes.
    5×5 at 66%, 5×5 at 70%, then add 5lbs, set of 4, then add again, set of 3, until you get to 1. Then after 1, keep going with singles adding weight until you miss. I only do it once a week, but assumingly you could do it more, but not everyday or 5x a week or whatever.

    The idea is quite simple, this gets a lot of volume in, with all reps being speedy reps and no grinding. I’ve hit quite close to my PRs after doing said 60 or so reps at low percentages, the idea being if you can hit your PR while in a fatigued state with the muscles thoroughly exhausted, obviously when you try for a max when fresh you’ll be able to do at least something more.

    What do you think?

      • Now that my hormones are (mostly?) fixed things are pretty swell and I don’t have much to mope about anymore. Also I just like it private and my decisions private as well.

        • I wanna do some prioritization Celiaxx with my squat and clean (500ish and 315ish current maxes)
          where should I start? I want like a month of lots of volume and then start to hit the heavier weights.

          • For me personally, now my training is really simple and I only lift 2 days a week now and the better recovery is really helpful. I do the program I described above with my press, but before I injured my hamstring the beginning of the month, this really simple thing is what I did with my front squats, and pre-injury I was front squatting 110kgx3.

            Front squat, minimum, 100kg, max 120kg. 5 sets of 3. Go up as high as you can for a triple, or try for 3 sets across at highest weight, or 5 sets across.

            Leg press, 5×5, 3 sets of 10, 1-2 sets of 20, doesn’t matter, make quads burn.

            Good mornings, standing or seated, 5×5, 3 sets of 10, or now sometimes 2 sets of 20, obviously weight getting lower as reps increase.

            Jumps on pressing day, 6-7 sets of 3 or 5×5 or whatever. Plus now I’m doing curls finally to look swole while cutting down.

            As far as you? What’s your front squat? Possibly it could be a better idea to prioritize the front squat to build the clean up.

            For cleans however, what I think helps the most is variations. From hang, from blocks, but also no feet movement, muscle cleans, etc. So for you, a day could be like:

            110 5 sets of 3.
            Clean with no foot movement, 80kg 5×5

            Then the next session (I was only doing them once a week, depends on how good your recovery is…)

            Muscle clean 80-100kg, 4 sets of 3.
            Hang clean, 100kg 5 sets of 3

            Next session
            Clean, work to 130kg for a set of 3.
            Clean with no foot movement from the hang, 80kg 5×5.

            Hang clean 110-120kg 10 sets of 3

            Eventually keep something like this going until you can triple your old 1rm, then test your new 1rm. But for the clean and snatch imo, they like variations.

            For squats, I no longer back squat at all anymore as I realize with back squats I just don’t get good quad activation at all, and my quads are relatively weak compared to my glutes and hamstrings, and having stronger quads has helped my skating performance a lot more in jumps and general stroking. Longer femurs=need more quad work.

            Kinda sucks with the injury, I felt very close to being able to front squat 130kg, now I’ve got a month almost with no leg training really at all except skating and walking and light leg pressing. It hurt to try squatting a bare barbell last I tried, so…

          • Yeah, gotta be a bit creative, but you can kinda see how it works, right? You basically most of the time do one variation at heavy weight and less volume, and another at lighter weight and more volume, aiming for 30-50 reps per session.

            For squats, I did paused back squats (as you saw, non-paused form was not good…) But it’d work like this, assume max was 130kg, squats only done once a week.
            Week 1:
            90kg 10 sets of 3

            Week 2:
            90×3, 100×3, 110×3, 100×3, 90×3, then squats with bands, 5 sets of 3, 80kg, increase band tension each set.

            Week 3:
            90×3, 100×3, 110 5×3, or 120 x 3, squats with bands 5 sets of 3, 80kg.

            Week 4, max test.

            I don’t know, it’s really not too hard, it’s like linear progression, just not add 5lbs across all sets forever. I’d be interested if another human did this plan and it actually worked. Pls get me a job programming for Canada Olympic bobsled team and writing articles for T-Nation. I do wish to try out my “Bulgarian” programming on Olympic lifting eventually, see if it works. For my press it seems to be working, as I hit 70kg again after doing 50+ reps of volume. But I don’t know if I could do the same type of 5×3+bodybuilding type setup like with my front squat and get equivalent results, and that the reason things are working well is just better recovery from training 2x per week now (well, one since leg injury…) and nothing to really do with a training plan. If you think it’s a little nutty to lift twice a week, some good lifters have:

  2. “If you think it’s a little nutty to lift twice a week, some good lifters have.”

    The stronger you get, the less training frequency you need to maintain/progress. I don’t think lifting twice a week is a very good idea for someone at a beginner level, but at a good strength level (500 squat, 315 clean) you should be able to progress nicely. The only lift that really needs volume in my experience is the press (bench and overhead).

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