Axis and Allies Revised

The point of a blog is to provide interesting content.  Since I feel I’ve done my share of that over the years (Okay fine a lot of posts were like this: KILLING BEES Squat 45×10, 135×4, etc etc) I’ll be taking time in the upcoming week or two to talk about a hobby that interests no one who reads this blog and probably only about 100 people in the world, most of them who live in Northern Europe.  (I was inspired by you guys who get to talk about making model robots and riding bicycles). I’m pretty sick still so this post will be short. Just wanted to keep my 2-day posting streak alive.

The best board game/board game played on a computer (i’ve never actually even seen the RL game, they stopped making it several years ago) is Axis and Allies Revised.  I play it on software called TripleA.  You can play this version of AA, other versions of the game, and other war games live or via email.  I mostly play by email because i can play my turn in a few minutes, iike while feeding a baby, and don’t have to sit in front of the computer for 2+ hours.

A brief history of the franchise: The original AA, called Classic, is pretty good but among experienced players, it was recognized that it was heavily biased in favor of the Allies (kind of like the real war). To balance it out – and to balance all of the games, players use a bidding system.  Basically it just means that the disadvantaged side gets extra units before the game starts.  An extra tank for Germany, and another boat for Japan or something like that. Another problem with the original is that there’s an optimum strategy to win that more or less requires only buying infantry in huge quantities.

Revised was next, i think it came out in 2004 or so.  Then in about 2010 they replaced it with AA 1942.  Actually there are now 3 versions of AA: 1941, which is a beginner’s version (it’s still pretty complicated but Rex can play it and it’s fairly short), 1942, and 1940 Global.  Global is really two games AA Europe and AA Pacific, you spend about 85 dollars on each one, then put the boards together and it’s insanely complex.  Here’s an analogy:  1941 = checkers, Revised = chess, 1940 = 3dimensional chess with thousands of pieces.  1942 = chess but they changed a few of the rules and for some reason people online almost never play it but at any given time there’s probably 5 global and 3 revised games going on

Revised is a semi-accurate replica of WW2. Notably, there will be constant push back and forth across the German/Russian lines, control of Africa and the Middle East is key, the US needs a couple of turns to get into the fight but then they can bring a lot of manpower and equipment, the invasion of Britain by Germany is possible but extremely unlikely.  There are some key deviations from reality however.  It’s typically in the best interest of Japan (and feasible) to build a lot of tanks in mainland Asia, and drive them towards Moscow. And it’s usually in the best interest of the US to completely ignore Japan so there tends not to be any fighting at all in the Pacific.  Finally, of course, since it is a game, there are no civilians or politics to consider. In most games,Japan conquers Hawaii, India, and Australia, and it’s not only expected, the Allies will pull troops out of those places to use them elsewhere if possible.

Remember Pearl Harbor!

…Actually we’re gonna forget it.  We just evacuated Hawaii.

Time for bed, will ramble on more about this tomorrow.


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