Imaginary Snacks

Took the kids to the pool.  On the way home:

Quincy: I want a lolly bar! (x100)

Me: We don’t have any.  I don’t even know what that is.

Quincy: I want a lolly bar!

Rex: What’s a lolly bar?

Me: There’s no such thing.  Like a uni-pop.  They don’t exist.

Quincy: I want a uni-pop!

She also wanted a “tri-clone”.  That’s when I stopped amusing myself by tempting her with imaginary snacks because Rex threw her Go Dog Go book into the back seats and she screamed for the remainder of the drive home.

Half an hour a week of swimming with my kids is like four hours of regular time.

We just got this so she could float around without me having to hold her and consequently get kicked in the balls whenever she gets excited.  She calls it her “crab suit”:



8 thoughts on “Imaginary Snacks

  1. “Half an hour a week of swimming with my kids is like four hours of regular time.”

    That is true beyond belief. 60 minute grocery store trip with all 3 of mine=4 hours.

    Do you get mad when Rex does stuff just to aggravate her? ie…throwing the book in the back seat.

  2. Mine are pretty good when i take both grocery shopping. Would not attempt with infant coach in addtion.

    I did get mad. That compounded with some other bad behavior earned him $1.75 fine (7/12 of a week’s pay) and a one week suspension from swimming. But tbh he does not aggravate her often. He generally is really nice to her. Has been ever since she was a baby. (in contrast to Quincy who i think secretly pinches _her_ baby brother).

    Quincy: Ha ha! Coach Junior is shlumpy!

    Maybe the most irritating thing is when Quincy and Rex will, for fun, shriek gibberish back and forth at gradually increasing volume. Until I finally can’t ignore it anymore and have to look up from what i’m reading, or the chore I’m daydreaming through, and scream “SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!1!” in their faces. Ha, ha, just kidding. But someone is getting spanked like a poisonous eagle I’ll tell u that much.

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