Will be back soon…

Still been lifting, but every other day.  Sleeping about 3-4 hrs a night.  Not exactly hitting any PRs.  Weight still good about 168.  My brother got married and I was the best man.  I gave a funny (IMO) speech.  Coach Jr. is still shlumpy.  Karena refuses to play Axis and Allies any more.  Now I play online (badly) while I feed Coach Jr.  When I have a bit more time I’ll write a real post and answer comments.  When I lift real weights, I’ll even post a workout log.  I have not been reading anyone’s blog.  I’ll do that too.  5/3/1 still sucks.


11 thoughts on “Will be back soon…

  1. I stopped lifting for a while cause I had too much stuff going on and my hamstring still hurt whenever I lifted which was discouraging. Now it seems ok and I’m easing back into it.

    Started a youtube channel with a friend. Yay?

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