40 Celsius

lifts are good, will post more soon.

been hanging out with my wife’s little cousins who are 8 and 5.

Axis and Allies 1941 came today.  Rex excited.  Karena not.  Quincy undoubtedly excited to put the pieces in her mouth and/or dance them haphazardly across the board.  I’ve been waiting for 25 years to play a game of A&A against someone other then myself (which was less than thrilling: I mean Operation Barbarossa is kind of pointless if Stalin knows that Germany is going to invade)


4 thoughts on “40 Celsius

      • Sadly, this was many years ago. I was looking forward to playing, but the people in my life couldn’t handle many more rules than Connect 4 offers. I guess I still have a chance at playing it if one of my friends owns it though.

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