So there was the frog in the gym

On the fourth of July, we had to leave before the fireworks started because of giant june bugs.  Like to show how bad they were, when I announced that we were going home, Karena, who actually likes going places, did not even object.  Also mosquitos which we were prepared for, and ants in Quincy’s pants, which we were not.

Then yesterday i killed the following insects in the gym (keep in mind I am not an entomologist)

  1. a giant flying ant
  2. either a bigger flying ant or a baby wasp, not sure which
  3. a spider about the size of a quarter.  When i stepped on it, what looked like tiny ants started scurrying every which way (i assume they were actually baby spiders but either way – disgusting) I blasted them with insect killer and sucked the whole mess up with the vacuum this only wasted like eight minutes; awesome
  4. what i thought was maybe a rock – because it had been sitting in the same place for two hours – but being bug-suspicious I stepped on it to find out and it turned out to be some sort of cricket that contained an amount of blood (or whatever is reddish-brown and contained in a cricket) that exceeded the interior volume of the cricket by like 10x

Just to be on the safe side, since I’m fond of Rex, I did this:

Also, today it was 96 with 70% humidity.  35.6 C if you’re a canadian bobsledder.  Although i was not plagued by vermin, I suspect it was because they all had boiled to death.

wt: 169.0

Squat: 45×4, 135×3, 225,295×2, 315,320,325,330,335×3, 340,345×2, 350×3

Med Grip Bench: 45x10p, 135×4, 225×3, 245×4, 250×5, 255,260,265,270×4

Sumo+avg band: 135×2, 225,250x1

BTN Press: 105,110×6, 115,120×5, 125×4, 130×3

RDL: 200,205×6

time: 1:53


14 thoughts on “Biblical

  1. >contained an amount of blood
    This phrasing killed me. It makes perfect sense with the rest of the sentence but I didn’t know that when I was reading it for the first time.

    It makes sense if you’re living in the Dirty South that you hit with some biblical shit and high humidity. The AC in my apartment is shit (it’s probably broke even though the landlord said he fixed it), so I bought a dehumidifier to at least make it not a swamp. The thing definitely puts out some heat, but it’s not outrageously hot, so in my mind it’s worth it (this protects my mind from realizing I spent $200 on something that makes my living space hotter). But it does work quite well. The amount of water it pulled in a few hours was a little startling.

    I used to work out in a basement. It was riddled with house centipedes and cave crickets. Cave crickets are harmless and blind, but this has resulted in their only defense mechanism being the ‘bluff’: they jump directly at their would be predator in an attempt to scare the living shit out of them. It works.

    • I’m unsure of the tick bite to Lyme disease ratio. If I don’t spray myself when I’m out picking berries, I can get up to about 10 ticks on my clothing and usually 3-4 on my skin. Last summer I felt tired and went to a doctor and wondered if I had Lyme disease because I’d probably been bit by at least 40-60 ticks that summer and the summer before. So he said “hmm, no red mark, but we’ll run the test for you anyway” and he put me on doxycyclene. Came back negative.

      So I dunno really. On one hand, Lyme disease is super dangerous and some people get it from one tick bite once. But I should really really have it by now and don’t apparently, unless my last tick bite while sitting on my porch grilling burgers on 4th of July gave it to me.

      • my dad gets bitten by ticks a ridiculous amount, even taking into account his going outside way more than me. He has had Lyme disease twice. i think i have had a tick on me once in my life. Once we went hiking with Rex and my dad was urging me to check him – which i did, and there were none on Rex or me – but my dad had like three on him. Then on the way home we stopped because my dad saw a historical sign or a bird or something that he wanted to see closer up. He walked a few feet through a slightly wooded area and got another tick on him.

    • i think you’re conglomerating two different bible stories. However any captive religious groups that I have been oppressing are free to go.
      Unless my magicians can duplicate these feats….

  2. Just to follow up, you probably won’t be disappointed in Small World. It’s another well received game, and it opens you up to later area control developments like traditional war games, or better yet Diplomacy/Game of Thrones, IE Divorce, the board game.

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