You are too little to help.


Dragged that chair over to help me cook eggs.  Thanks Karena for letting kids help with baking cause now i need this.


Me: Thanks.


awesome.  not sure if she learned the memes from me or from facebook peoples

I listen to gangsta rap and like arena football; you’re not gonna hear me claiming that our culture is going into the gutter because of reality TV or whatever.  It’s not the end of civilization, contrary to what the talking heads say. In ancient times, for popular entertainment, the Romans had gladiators vs. lions, the Greeks covered themselves with olive oil and wrestled nude boys, and the Egyptians were doing this.

but this song is a new low.  It’s based on the Big L song which is quite clever.  Now you’ve turned it into an unpaid sneaker commercial.  I am ashamed for you.  I mean cars and jewels and guns, okay this is rap music.  But you’re buying shoes. Congratulations.

Andy is on his second gofundme of the year to pay for a powerlifting meet.

wt: 167.8

Front Squat: 45×4, 135,205,210,215×3, 220,225×2, 230×3

JM Press: 45x10p, 135×5, 190,195×6, 200,205,210×5

Mil Press: 135×2, 160,165,170×1, 115,120×6

Sumo+mini band: 135×2, 225,315,340,345x1

time: 1:17

won a tight one over Rex in Ticket to Ride, following hsilman’s strategy, well basically just making sure i got the longest route this time, did a long route and one other which connected, and then after that just extended it.  Karena distant DISTANT third again.

Rex: Mom, were you even trying?!

She invented a game called Family-opoly.  It’s like trivia questions about family members and various “challenges”.  Rex loves it.  I’m contemplating letting Quincy eat the cards  just so I never have to play again.  More tomoorow about Family-opily.


28 thoughts on “You are too little to help.

    • not even. she can do a pushup or two to shame Rex.
      but otoh i made a post the other day that she weighed more than me but it was a prank she was holding Quincy, so i deleted that bit. actually i deleted it because i was afraid she would read it.

    • for some squat to above-parallel in triple canvas non-tested federation’s nationals. the money is for maybe a new suit, travel, hotel, etc. It was like $550 and $400 last time and yes he raised the full amount last time and $500 this time. i will not be asking for donations on this blog.

      maybe i’ll ask my inlaws to babysit.

      • If I want to do something and I can’t afford it, I’ll either save until I can afford it or I won’t do it. I never understood asking people for money, especially asking people for money to do stupid hobbies.

      • So SPF? Was that a hypothetical “I won’t ask for donations/ask inlaws to babysit” or are you going or are you going to your own comp?

        • no not SPF i thought that was some acronym that i should know like i’m just mastering smh and tfw thanks to brent and you guys.

          and your comment is a bit garbled but no I will not ask anyone for money. I may try to get my inlaws to babysit when i do a meet in like december. There’s no shame in that.

    • they were sizzling in coconut oil. unsafe. also i do not believe in children doing anything that an adult can do better. okay maybe eventually, like Rex’s chores that he does now.

      karena still likes to tell the story about how i was dressing Rex one day when he was four to get him ready for nursery school and i always loathed this task because he would fight me, brb have his clothes on wait he threw them across the room, starting over. she came in to see what all the yelling and bumping around was about


      actually i did not know that.

      • Unsafe is an acceptable reason, however #2 sat on the counter and broke eggs, poured milk, added blueberries and raspberries and mixed our gluten free pancake batter while I fried the bacon and sausage. He then broke all the eggs for our scrambled eggs (we cooked for 11) and mixed it up. I do not like scrambled eggs and prefer mine over medium, but sometimes you have to take one for the team. Coconut oil is good stuff.

  1. The hopeless desperation in Quincy’s eyes, I know it all too well.

    I’ve played Ticket a few times, but always get REKT by my friends wife. She builds a few key routes (to some degree this requires knowing what the major hub cities are) and then just draws a shitload of cards and keeps ones she’s already connected or could connect with relative ease. She gets 200+ points every fucking time.

    • Winning scores should range from 160s to low 200s(rare outside a 2 person game). Consistently scoring 200+ points in a 3+ person game means one of those people is playing very poorly. Drawing is certainly a strategy, but the one I posted is the most consistent one, though not necessarily “the best”. The game is well balanced and luck factors in a decent amount, so like all good games, there isn’t necessarily a known optimal move every time. All told, I prefer TTR to Catan when it comes to the usual gateway game choices.

      • I haven’t read your strat post…I’ll look for it. Haven’t played Catan even though these people have like 3 versions. A few of us would also get together and played a substantial amount of the game of thrones board game (aka the board Game of Thrones) but that’s a whole different box of cake.

        I was probably the one playing poorly.

  2. If Rex likes TTR, I dunno if I’ve recommended it before, but you could either get TTR:Europe which introduces a few new mechanics, or grab Power Grid. I absolutely adore PG.

    • I’ve only played the Europe one and the Nordic (?) one, which I think was a Big Cities expansion or whatever it’s called. Many more points, probably makes drawing more viable.

  3. I broke eggs at like age 4 or something. My dad just told me to not hit them too hard, and instead of breaking them directly into the pan or cake/pancake/etc mix, I’d just break them into a glass or coffee mug first, which is still a habit I generally do today. Not that hard. Also my dad would give me approx 1oz of beer every Saturday from ages 4-10, and a whole mug of caffeinated coffee every Sunday and sometimes Saturday as well. I also got to use bandsaws unsupervised from age 10 or 11 on til about 13 as well.

    At least my dad didn’t raise me to be a pussy. Does Rex own any knives yet?

    • i can crack eggs/put in pan one-handed which impressed Karena

      no knives yet but that didn’t stop him from carving his name on that desk remember.

      but in August when boy scouts starts back up their first project is whittling, so rest assured that his manliness will be instilled by his mother.

      i allegedly give them a sip of beer/coffee at a young age too, so they learn that it sucks and to leave me the hell alone when i’m drinking either.

      i will trust you about cars and and state your beliefs on autos to family and friends as if they were mine. but i am extremely wary of your parenting tips.

      • Also recommend taking Rex everywhere you go. Wake Rex up on Saturday morning at 9 and take him for rides. To Taco Bell. To The Vitamin Store. To the machine shop a far distance away. To sit at the park while you and your friends play basketball. To your John Birch Society meetings. To your friend’s house where John Birch society meetings are held but one is not being held today, where Rex can see a girl a year older than him who is nice and get given .22lr bulllet props from Deer Hunter. To the liquor store. To the super market for some pizza ingredients. And finally home. While in the car listen to some Texe Marrs cassette tapes, and make sure your car is a 1970s Lincoln, too. Once you’re home, before making pizza and giving him a sip of beer which for some reason Rex continues to like, have Rex sit in a car on jacks and yell at him to push the brake pedal to the floor while you’re bleeding the brakes. Then make homemade pizza with patented hamburger stuffed crust.

      • “i allegedly give them a sip of beer/coffee at a young age too, so they learn that it sucks and to leave me the hell alone when i’m drinking either.”

        This tactic did not work with me as a kid.

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