Frog in Gym

Sitting there watching me lift.  He was a little guy.  Probably planning to crawl in one of my shoes, or get inside the power rack in order to die and be unpleasant.  Or maybe dart forward when I’m squatting and get under my foot so that I squish him, but slip on his blood smear, and corkscrew around, tearing my groin, then dropping the barbell on my neck.  Like a single Kamikaze fighter taking out a battleship.  I coaxed him into my daughter’s plastic bucket – which ironically is green and has a frog’s face on it.  I put the instruction booklet to my weed wacker on top so he couldn’t escape.  And then walked him to the front door and let him hop out into the grass where he could set a PR eating the bugs that are attracted to the security lights.

wt: 168.2

Squat: 45×5, 135×3, 225×2, 295,335×1, 360×2, 365,370,frog,375,380,385,390,395,400,405×1

Medium Grip Bench: 45x10p, 135×4, 210,215,220,225,230×6, 235×4, 240×3

Sumo DL: 225×2, 315,355,375x1

time: 1:54


6 thoughts on “Frog in Gym

  1. Phew, thought we were gonna have a Joe Pesci from lethal weapon moment when he talks about his pet Froggy who jumps out of bike basket and gets run over by the back tire. Lik dis if u cry evrtim.

    • it’s funny i really like frogs. Like i don’t want them in the gym, and i’m creeped out by the way they seem to gather in biblical plague numbers in the south, but i have a soft spot in my heart for these amphibians.
      which didn’t stop me from eating a dozen frog legs last time i was at the china buffet. I mean, i think piglets are cute too, but i singlehandedly make up for the moslem world not eating pork.

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