From Barbeques to Bar Mitzvahs

In game one of Ticket to Ride, we played wrong so it didn’t count. (You can draw cards, build a route, etc but what we overlooked is that you can only do ONE of these things).  Rex grasped the basic mechanics but just built random train routes wherever he could and didn’t complete any destination tickets.

In game two, I won by a large margin.  Rex once again built train tracks in a seemingly random fashion, though he did connect a few of them together.  At the end of the game he got mad at Karena and threw his cards at the board, causing a derailment.  As a result he had to go to bed immediately and could not even find out who won the game.  However, it turned out he did have a plan this time; when we tallied the score, he’d made all his tickets, and amusingly, defeated Karena.

In game three it came down to who had the longest route.  Which was Rex.  He won by one point.  Karena finished a distant third.  I’m really proud of him.  He’s proud of himself, too:

Rex: Dad, make sure you post on your blog that I won!

Me: I will, and you get to wear the conductor’s hat next time because you’re champion.

There is actually no conductor’s hat ATM but I’m thinking of getting this: so that someone will have to wear it.  It might end up being me, so probably actually gonna save my money and buy the expansion pack for the game.


The other day when I came home, Karena was trying to teach Quincy how to play HiHo! Cherry-o.  She said it was going great but I watched Quincy spin a dog and just start putting cherries in the basket, so apparently there are no rules in this house. Today Karena made a game for her.  She drew six balloons on a piece of paper and wrote a number in each one.  If you roll the number on the balloon you get to color it in.  I’m trying to think of a polite way to put this, but toddlers are kind of simpletons.

Thu 7/2/15

wt: 168.6

Bot Pos Squat #18: 45×4, 135×2, 225,315,365,385x1

#16: 415x1

eh quit

JM Press: 45x10p, 135,185×4, 235,240,245,250×3

Sumo+monster mini: 135×2, 225,275,315x1

Mil Press: 125×5, 130×4

RDL: 200×4, 205×5, 210×6

time: 1:23

Fri 7/3/15

Squat: 45×4, 135×3, 225×2, 295×5, 300,305,310,315×4, 320×3

Pause Med Grip Bench: 45x10p, 135×4, 225×3, 245,250,255×4, 260,265×3

Sumo+lite band: 135×2, 225,275,305x1

BTN Press: 125×3, 130,135×2, 140,145×1, 100x2x6

RDL: 215,220×6, 225×5

Time: 1:56


3 thoughts on “From Barbeques to Bar Mitzvahs

  1. Congratulations

    Now blow his mind by only keeping one destination ticket(the longest transcontinental one you draw) and bogarting all the six train sections as soon as possible and win by a ridiculous margin.

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