Coach Pig

Rex kinda backslid and ended up spending two nights in the hospital.  He is for real better now.  It was just this stomach virus.

We finally got to play Ticket to Ride: Europe, last night and we kinda played wrong.  Everyone liked it.  Rex not so much but it was partly because he just made random train routes all over the map and therefore did not score as many points as you would from connecting destinations.

While he was in the hospital we played dice and card games.  I found this: which mesmerized me, especially after i read this strategy paper:  I played the strategy against Karena and Karena+Rex and lost every single time.

Then i got tired of the clattering of the little dice so invented THIS NEW GAME.  Karena insists that I did not invent it cause it’s like Pig with cards.  But that’s like saying a car is not a new invention because there were already covered wagons.

I call it “Card Pig” or “Coach Pig” or “Bad Faces”; we’ll see which catches on:

  • shuffle one deck of cards
  • the object is to get 100 or more points
  • on your turn you draw cards one at a time
  • if you draw a 2-10 you add that many points to your turn score & you can draw again if you wish
  • if you draw an ace, that’s 11 added to your turn score & you can draw again
  • if you draw a face card, however, your turn ends and your score for the turn is zero.
  • if you end your turn voluntarily (i.e. after drawing a 2-10 or A) then you add your turn score to your total.

As you can see this simple game combines exciting fast-paced play with card counting and math, and is clearly the best game ever invented in the history of mankind.

only worked out two times in four days


wt: 174.4

Bot Pos Sqt #22: 45×3, 135×2, 225,275,320,330x1

#20: 340,350x1

Bench: 45x10p, 135×4, 225×3, 265,270,275,280×4

Sumo+mini band: 135×3, 225×2, 275×1, 300×1, 320x1

Mil Press: 125×6, 130×4, 135×5

time: 1:28


wt: 171.2

Pause Squat: 45×4, 135×3, 225×2, 275×1, 300,305,310,315,320×2, 325,330,335×1

Pause Med Grip Bench: 45x10p, 135×4, 185×3, 225,230×6, 235,240×5

JM Press: 195,200×5, 205,210×4

BTN Press: 105,110×6, 115×5

Sumo+monster: 135×2, 225,275,305x1

time: 1:37

Trying to figure out how to stop wordpress from putting a rainbow flag on my reader.


15 thoughts on “Coach Pig

    • Rex has asthma and allergies and ends up in the hospital probably once a year on average. This was more alarming cause new; of course you always think “I know they said it was *probably* just a stomach virus…but what if…” I pray a lot and try not to focus on extreme possibilities. It’s like playing the lottery. Of course you’re going to imagine what if you win, but you’re gonna want to try not to work yourself into a frenzy visualizing your new riches.

    • they say dice pig is good for school children to learn about math.

      but coach pig is better for training future card counters. also if you were a college professor you could calculate the optimal strategy. i’ve been trying using my 8th grade math which is not sufficient.

  1. MIT will soon have a course detailing the layers of strategy within Coach Pig. A one Rex Christmas, will go on to win the first five World Series of Coach Pig, attributing his success to the unquenchable desire to destroy his dad in every game they play. Rex will then retire and become a Coach Pig coach, teaching the “Alabama Hog Method” through his YouTube channel. His career will only be outdone by his younger brother, Coach Jr., who will develop the “Christmas Ham” method, rendering the “Hog Method” obsolete.

      • Optimal strategies work against all opponents. It’s what makes them optimal.

        Anyway, I did find a nice research paper graphing pig probabilities.

          • no, because the one you linked in the post is unfound because you don’t know how to correctly format hyperlinks.

            but yes.

          • You may be right in your definition of optimal, however the optimal strategy for pig is too complex for a human player. The paper I tried to link to gives a practical strategy which is compared against optimal strategy, Ie you’re playing the computer. I think there’s a difference. For example in the practical strategy if you or your opponent have 71 or more you should keep rolling. But what if you know that your opponent will only roll once per turn even though they are close to winning. Lets say it’s 79-50. That practical strategy calls for you to just roll and try to get the fifty in one turn. But with a more conservative or sillier opponent that’s not best.

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