You say potato…

Rex had a stomach virus and was throwing up everywhere.  Had to go to ER because his body temperature was like 92 or something.  Is much better now.  Was told to give him “powerade or gatorade”.

Me: Here.


Me: A potato.  It has a complete day’s supply of potassium.

This did not actually happen.  Instead I gave him some of my electrolyte drink.

Also when we came home from the hospital, we played Minecraft together (which we haven’t done in a little while and I was feeling kind of guilty about since Father’s Day when he said it was his favorite activity to do with me).

1. I went to get another chair (in RL), and told Rex not to let my guy die.

2. I came back to hear him hooting and yelling “Dad!  Sorry!  Dad!”  I thought he threw up on the carpet again, but in fact my guy was being mauled** by a pack of Rex’s dogs.*

* Rex trained like 20 of these dogs and they follow him everywhere, bark incessantly, and get in my way.

** I think he was mining near my character and accidentally hit me with his pickaxe which according to minecraft dog AI meant that I was an “enemy being attacked”

3. I had one heart left and couldn’t save my guy.  All my accumulated equipment spilled onto the floor and my character respawned in our house.

4. I ran back down the mineshaft to recover my gear.  Some of it had “accidentally” been picked up by Rex’s character but I decided not to make such a big deal about it since he’s a sick child.

5. I started mining and accidentally hit Rex with my pickaxe.  Pack of dogs began attacking me again.  This time I’d had enough and started sending them to the big pixelated kennel in the sky with my magical flaming diamond sword.

6. Rex: “That’s okay, dad.  You can kill them.  Don’t worry; I’ll train like twenty more.”

7. I built a pen for chickens outside our house.

8. Rex saw me putting up the fence for the chickens and put up this crazy fence “to keep our house safe.”  Fence is everywhere and has the same protective effect/is as annoying as putting a white picket fence around your RL house – six inches from the house.

wt: 174.4 should have just eaten a potato

Squat: 45×4, 135×3, 225×2, 315×1, 350×3, 355,360,365,370×2

Pause Bench: 45x8p, 135×4, 225×3, 275,295×2, 300,305,310×1

JM Press: 135×3, 180,185,190×6

Sumo: 135×3, 225×2, 315×1, 355x1

BTN Press: 90,95,100×6

RDL: 195,200×6, 205×4

VC: 8,6

time: 1:52


9 thoughts on “You say potato…

  1. once, a patient was admitted for a somewhat grave condition. when the acute problems were solved, the patient showed signs of hypokalemia. one of the nurses asked the resident physician about giving potassium substitution. resident didn’t answer but got out into the lunch room, fetched a banana and gave it to the patient. then asked the nurse to take a new blood sample the following day.

    moral: eat bananas if you are worried about potassium. or potatoes.

    • I’ve heard bananas don’t have particularly high potassium relative to other fruits (i.e. strabrerries) and that the reason everyone thinks they do is because the government or illuminati or some shit wanted to bolster the banana industry back in the day and ran a PR campaign. I don’t know if it’s true and haven’t really cared enough to look it up. Potatoes for sure tho, plus their almost as versatile as bubba gump shrimp.

  2. It’s a good thing I think the whole “video games are teaching your kids stuff” thing is bullshit, because otherwise I’d be worried you were raising a serial killer.

    (a) child designs pack of unquestioning followers
    (b) “accidentally” attacks father, causing followers to murder him
    (c) “oh no, I can’t stop it, so sorry!”
    (c) Father then exacts revenge on said followers
    (d) “whatever, they are worthless and I can always make more”

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