Bottoms Up

wt: 173.6

Bottom Position Squat #22: 45×3, 135×2, 195,205,215,225,235,245, 255,265,275,285,295,305,315x1

pretty funny.  the fifteen seconds of me wiggling around to wedge myself under the bar is even funnier

Medium Grip Bench: 45x10p, 135×4, 225×3, 260,265,270,275,280×4

Snatch Grip DL: 135×3, 225,275,315,335x1

Military Press: 110,115,120×6

RDL: 175,180,185,190×6

VC: 10

time: 1:55

birthday cake flavor Dymatize Iso-100 is pretty good but should be called “Vanilla”


4 thoughts on “Bottoms Up

    • sorry swede this got caught in my spam box.

      I have this

      they also sell it on amazon, and i think i got free shipping from one or the other

      of course this may not work in sweden, even so 4700 is crazy for a power rack.

      like this:×3-collegiate-multi-full-rack.html is 3400 and it looks a lot cooler. I can’t guarantee that it’s “Perfekt för benböj, bänkpress och marklyft.” (i’m sure my native English speakers will agree that benböj is a very funny word.) But it does transform into a robot that gives you a spot and lifts weights on its own while you are sleeping or watching tv.

      you could order 16 of the titan racks for the same price as the eleiko. start your own gym!

      honestly it would be cheaper to send the titan rack to my house and buy me an airline ticket to sweden. i’ll bring the rack as luggage and even help you assemble it.

      • no worries, thanks for noticing and answering now. 🙂

        the rack you got seems more than good enough to me. max capacity listed as 700 lbs, so that would be safe with a great margin. I’ll save the link for when the time comes.

        eleiko is swedish made (at least it should be) and that’s one argument for buying the rack from them. however, the price is quite high and it is DOUBTFUL that I will ever use the rack to its full potential.

        keep those videos coming, btw, and keep up the good work.

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