Six in the back, three if you’re fat.

Mowed two of the three lawns today.  Rex picked up sticks and actually did a good job.  I.e. picking up most of the sticks, only missing like two, and then getting them immediately when I pointed them out.  This is rare, as usually the quality/efficiency of his outdoor work is similar to a convict.  Actually no, that is an insult to convicts, who usually look pretty busy.  The convict would have to:

a) be crazy and talk to himself while working (before you jump in and say “i sometimes talk to myself when I’m alone” he actually would sometimes talk to sticks or pinecones and occasionally spin around in a circle and fall over)


b) be trying to enrage the sheriff and make him have a coronary IOT escape

I think the difference is that I’ve now started paying him $2.25 a week for performing his various duties, and that when he is done he can play video games for most of the day.

Our summer project is that I’m teaching him Python.  I think I’ve mentioned this before.  It’s going pretty well.  We’re doing this and this.  He likes it pretty well in the sense that he’d rather do it than math or yardwork, but less than playing Pokemon Mystery Dungeon or Super Smash Brothers Brawl nonstop.

wt: 172.2

started drinking this electrolytez and also taking a calcium supp bc not getting enough with the lactose intolerance thing.  made no difference well at least i didn’t shart my pants from the magnesium in 2 capfuls today.

Pause Squat (when i do multiple reps i do only the last one paused but i do it for like 5 full seconds): 45×4, 135×2, 225×1, 240,245,250,255,260,265,270×3 may have blacked out or something, it was 94 degrees & this was way harder than it looks on paper.

MG Bench: 45x10p, 135×5, 225×3, 240,245,250,255×6

BP Squat #18: 315, 365x1

JM Press: 135×5, 185×4, 195×3

BTN Press; 85,90,95,100×6

Sumo: 135×3, 225, 315,335,335,345x1

Front Squat: 135,215,225x1

Snatch Grip DL: 285,295x1 for hsil and sunnyd idk

Time: 1:53


14 thoughts on “Six in the back, three if you’re fat.

  1. Yes, the squats will kill you in the heat. Not trying to upstage…it was 97° where I am yesterday.
    As for the sharts, it only takes a teaspoon to ruin a workout.

  2. Any electrolyte drink is pretty much hamstrung thanks to the FDA. The FDA only allows supplements to have 350mg max of potassium. Your body optimally needs 3500mg of potassium daily according to the USDA (oh, my bad, they actually recommend 4700mg for adults) and can support up to 5-7g and do well. So meanwhile, one potato has almost 900mg potassium, but you cannot make a supplement with over 350 because the FDA thinks you’ll kill yourself and stop your heart or use it as a murder weapon by poisoning people’s food, meanwhile, again, a single potato has 900mg.

    Also, interestingly, I was reading one of the main actions of dianabol is increasing potassium balance in the muscles, thus why it bloats people so much.

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