Special Strength-Speed Mesocycle IVA

Wt: 172.2

Squat: 45,135×4, 225,285×3, 285,290,295,300×6

Bench: 45x10p, 135×4, 215,220,225,230,235×6

Bot. Pos. Sqt #19: 315, 355x1

JM Press: 135,175x5

Mil Press: 100,105,110,115×6

Sumo DL+strong band: 135×1,1

at least temporarily quit this til i get stronger, it’s just a recipe for pulling my groin at the moment.

Snatch Grip Deadlift: 135×3, 225×1, 275x1

Front Squat: 135,195,205x1

RDL: 135,155,175x5

VC: 7

BB Curl: 65×8

HC: 10

time: 1:47


10 thoughts on “Special Strength-Speed Mesocycle IVA

  1. Do you use straps for the wide of grip deads? They are the best, but grip is tough. You should be able to pull 400 for a single at least.

    I’ve been doing them for a few months now. Unfortunately I think I’m going to drop them because I’m going back to a simpler template since I don’t have as much time right now.

    • I could probably pull 400 for a single if i were fresh-ish. yesterday had been working out for @ 90 min and found that I did not enjoy them as much as I used to. I like how you can kind of squat them up which is fun. I do not use straps. I use hook grip on everything & have a large callus at the base of my thumbs. I put either my index finger or my middle finger on the rings. I try to do a weight index finger & beltless before I advance to the next.


    Have you ever considered this? Do yo know the youtube clickbait video I am referencing?

    • I just watched a few seconds of it. It was #8 hour arms? Thanks for wasting my time. I think if you were here i would retaliate by making that little circle with the thumb and forefinger and slugging you in the shoulder when you looked at it. Is that the routine for how to shit your pants? Also missed the steroids and synthol bit I’m sure i just fast-forwarded too quickly. What a dumb looking guy. A million views. Wow.

  3. Hook grip gtg, especially on the WG stuff, I do that, not that it makes me special or cool. I did some front squats a couple of days ago and enjoyed them. RD’s are cool, but I like SLDL. That JM press would rip the plate out of my arm.

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