by that i mean trying out different exercises and seeing if I like them enough to include them in my training.  Sure front squat is sexy now when it’s only 185 lbs. but i ran out of time and didn’t get to fully experience it.  Do I want to commit?  Maybe when it’s 325 I will feel differently.

wt: 172.6

Squat: 45×4, 135×3, 225×2, 265×3, 265,270,275,280×6, 285×3

MG Bench: 45x8p, 135×6, 225×3, 275×2, 295,315,330,340x1

Jump Squat: 135×3, 145×2

JM Press: 135,155,165×5

I dunno if it’s right but I do these like a closegrip bench to my neck/jaw while keeping my elbows tightly tucked.

Bot Pos Squat #21: 315,335x1

Sumo DL+avg: 135,155,175,195x1

BTN Press: 115×3, 125×2, 135,140x1

VC: 5,5

Front Squat: 140, 185x1

Time: 1:46


14 thoughts on “Dating

  1. I plan to remain an exercise player.

    Also could you have Karena help you do a complex like this for your bench and squats?

    Sorry for your John Broz breakup. I recommend you slut around with as many exercises as possible.

  2. Are you still going to work out 6-7 days a week? What if you programmed in a day or two to fuck around every week? Maybe do some hypertrophy work. It could make training more fun.

    • 1) 7.
      2) I can never do that. I’ll just do more stuff I enjoy in the regular workout.
      3) I’m the only person in America who wants less hypertrophy. I’m thinking about going jogging and switching to a low-protein diet.

      partially kidding about #3

      • I used to want less hypertrophy. But my body’s retarded and so is my CNS. So I need more hypertrophy. I also switched to a low protein diet and this didn’t help me not gain hypertrophy.

        Coach are you going to prewrite your programs for the whole month?

        Did you know Lil B is actually a good rapper when he’s not making troll music?

          • No worries man. It’s only existed for like five days. Fats and celica have been indulging me which is nice. Seriously I’m hoping it motivates me to do better lifting weights. I’m in the home gym master race so it’s easy for me to get complacent and believe my bs excuses. Also I hope it’s entertaining. Also it’s motivating following your workouts because even though i would never want to train the way you do, you clearly work hard and are skrong as fuck

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