My Gun Talk To Me

He tellin’ me, “Don’t tuck me.”

Wt: 172.2 remarkable i went out to dinner last night ate a 18 oz ribeye and about a loaf of bread and a yam.  Also split a “chocolate lava cake” with Karena and drilled a hole in the dam so that I got more of the lava.  Like a dishonest farmer making his own irrigation ditch.

Squat: 45×4, 135×3, 225×2, 315,335,355,375nb/ns,395,405,415,425×1  435

Bench: 45x8p, 135×4, 225×3, 315,335,355×1 365

if last time i got it 0.25 up this time would be 0.30.  I want to be #18 in the world so bad.

Sumo DL: 135×3, +monster mini 135×2, 225, 245,255,265,275x1

a secret to sumo deadlifting with bands is to be 5’5″ 3/4 and take a stance that’s so wide that there is no band tension at the top because your ROM is only 4 inches.  a caveat is that i went a little crazy and my foot slipped and i almost blew my groin on my last set.  I should deadlift in cleats.

VC: 7

BB Curl 45×10

idk i do bodybuilding stuff and fuck around at the end sometimes i don’t log it

time: 1:34

I’m kind of souring on the Mendes thing.  Next meet is looking to be in December maybe.

Cons: I don’t like training twice a day; in fact i did not do it today or Tuesday.  I’d rather work out for 2.5 hours once a day. I would like to do different rep ranges and more variety and volume for squats ala C&P.  I still have not squatted 445.  I made gains with my bench but I might be stuck & need volume.

Pros: I’ve only done it for like two weeks (tbf i have been doing something similar for 2 years).  I don’t like being a program jumper although see previous parenthetical comment.  I benched a PR.  I like how it gives structure/restriction to the Bulgarian method.  My average daily max is going up, it’s kind of too early to tell, but a quick look back shows that instead of hitting 405-425 last week, this week i’m more often hitting 425-435.

What do you think?  Weigh in in the comments.  Actually after typing the last sentence of the last paragraph i think it would make sense to stick with it for at least one more week, just doing the PM sessions.  You can still voice your opinions.


14 thoughts on “My Gun Talk To Me

  1. give it more time than two weeks, since you’re not doing the meet anyway. set a date for evaluation that it, for example, two or three weeks from now. either you know the program sucks before you reach that point in time (from your experience as a lifter) or you can make an informed decision at that time (again, based on your experience).

  2. If I remember your most recent prep cycle and competition, the weights you hit in the meet were more or less the same as the highest weights you hit in the gym (except the deadlift, where you went like 550 vs. 350 in the gym). Assuming this trend continues, you would be good for a 435 squat and 365 bench in a meet right now? That’s pretty darn close to your lifts at 181, only a weight class lighter. So looks like the Bulgarian program is working overall.

    Personally I don’t think training twice a day is worth it unless you are a) in your teens and kinda new to lifting weights, or b) using special restoratives. Maybe c) bored out of your mind and really can’t think of anything else to do.

    Bottom line is, does the Mendes program offer any advantages over the method you’ve been using? Why are you switching – did the “classical” Bulgarian method stop producing results?

    • squat: 470 vs 500 in gym otoh i had more in me bc missed an attempt so didn’t make 3rd as heavy

      and you exaggerate about me pulling 350 and then 540 in meet. maybe with bands and a deficit. think i hit at least 495 for single, and equivalent often (idk like 475 off 1″ deficit (i checked old logs quickly)

      idk i was lifting more like last summer at like 175 maybe the weight loss hadn’t kicked in.

      agree COMPLETELY about 2x a day. anything is better than that. and don’t save any time w/2 shorter sessions because have to shower, change shoes, clothes etc.

      bottom line classical bulgarian seemed to stop producing results. maybe i was doing it wrong but honestly if you put as much effort as i do into it you should see more gainz.

      but like the swede and i said i will stick with this for at least one more week.


    Try this Bulgarian program Coach. It seems more logical than failing on squats.

    Also, since you don’t keep up much with Olympic lifting, Pat Mendez has a problem in that thanks to this training type, he can occasionally hit giant weights, but can’t hit weights consistently at all.
    105Akg Sn: 180x/182x/182x CJ: 206x/206/214x

    Were the numbers he hit, or rather mostly didn’t hit, at Worlds. But his best training lifts as a 105 (and he was actually 1kg underweight in training, too) were at least a 215 clean and jerk and a 190 snatch. So the WL criticism of Broz’s methods is it’s pretty much throw the weights up and pray. So yes, it creates nice big youtube lifts, but by constantly missing all the time, just not enough consistency in technique is created compared to if he did more sets of 80% for 3 or whatever.

    Whether or not it’s good or bad of an idea, I dunno, I clean 90kg. Pat did make it to the 105A session at Worlds, so who am I to judge, but compared to say, David Bedzhanyan, who did 240kg C&J at 2014 Worlds, he said in training he never went over 230kg and always does better at a competition.

      • This is a good video to watch regarding lack of consistency in weights. In the video in training that day doing apparently all singles, he hits a 173kg snatch, and a 200 clean and jerk, so only about 90% of max, but if you notice he actually missed with 160 on the snatch. I just fail to see how this is some amazing training method when one could be doing, say, triples or doubles, with 150-160 for 4-5 sets instead, as then they’d get like 3-4x more useful work and tonnage done in the session and create more consistent technique.

        I pretty much think drugs aside, the only reason Broz/Abadjiev got the kind of results they got is only that they’re good psychologists and can coax a lot out of their lifters, and could pick out good talent, even if their training methods are illogical, brutal, and nonsensical.

        Also of note, Georgi Gardev and Boevski said they both hated Abadjiev’s methods and thought they were stupid, with Boevski saying his personal trainer Hristo Boev was better. Abadjiev wasn’t the only trainer in Bulgaria after all.
        Also, this program here, and not Abadjiev, got Naim Suleymanoglu to an over double body weight clean and jerk at 13 years old. Abadjiev just got to take all the credit when the lower level coach got to do 80% of the work of creating Naim.

        • i actually agree with you on the oly side of things. i went up to max clean for a couple months and i just got shit kicked, became inconsistent: brb 130 kg one day and then miss 110 the next. i dunno, didn’t work great.

          still like it for squats because there is more technique wiggle room

    • This. I’m pretty sure all lifting programs have the same chance of “working”, it just depends on what suits different people mentally. There was a guy at my gym who followed 5/3/1 for years and squatted/deadlifted in the 600s, benched over 400.

      I mean, the oldetimey strongmen all basically followed a very primitive form of linear progression over their entire careers, and still lifted some pretty heavy stuff (even when you adjust for braggadocio and fake claims/weights).

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