Turn your bread box into McMuffins

Turn your dreadlocks red from a head shot / Look like cherry Kool-aid and a wet mop.

wt: 171.6

Squat: 45×4, 135×3, 225×2, 315,345,365,385 nb/ns,405,415,425,435×1 445

idk felt good to take smaller jumps and go for the beltless record.

Bench: 45x8p, 135,225×3, 315,335,355 x1

basically got 355 but lifted ass a tiny bit and decided to call it a day.  more lenient with self on the benching part of the program, because now I’m benching 12 times a week, and also it’s improving unlike my squat which needs to be beaten into submission.

Sumo: 135×2; +light band 135,155×2, 175,185,195,205x1

time: 1:26 which is also my hs wrestling weight class my senior year.  i was about 1.5 inches shorter and also cutting down from a natural weight of like 140 but I was pretty ripped.


12 thoughts on “Turn your bread box into McMuffins

  1. The two previous posters just don’t understand how important it is for emaciated teenagers going through puberty to starve themselves and spend a day in a sauna with a garbage bag as clothing because coach says we need to fill out the weight classes for the tournament and you are the one to do it.

    High school athletics are super important.

    • Coach [to self]: Every #$%@ nerd in this school must weigh 119 or 126 lbs. Meanwhile we’re giving up six points a match cause we don’t have a 112 pounder…

      Coach: Hey Harry, c’mere. Bet you’re tired of being on the JV team! How would you like to move up to the varsity?

      Harry: Oh boy!

      (Later that evening)

      Harry: Hey mom, guess what? I’m getting my varsity letter this year.

      Mom: That’s wonderful news, dear. I’ll make your favorite dinner tonight so we can celebrate.

      Harry: Um, I think I’ll just have an ice cube.

  2. I was 6’0″ 200 in 8th grade, by 10th I was 225#. A girl who was very popular and was my friend from elementary school told me to lose a few pounds. At the beginning of the next school year, I was 175# and captain of the soccer team. Lot of good that did me….

    • Uh, well, now you have a wife who is very popular and gives you Boston Butt all the time. And you’ve moved onto *coaching* soccer. Okay fine, your wife has. But you could have totally gotten that gig. U still 175?

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