TC Luoma wins award

Any unethical hack journalist can work a plug of his company’s supplement line into a  “science article.”  But it takes the great TC Luoma to do it in a GYM ETIQUETTE article:

We know you’re into cheap, bargain basement protein powder that comes from China because you’d rather spend your shekels on Halo 6: Rage of the Accountants, but your digestive problems are killing us…you look like a guy who has sneaky farts. It’s written all over your cheap-protein eating face…Stay home, fart yourself dry in the car before you come in, or switch to a high-grade protein powder.

So if you do not use Biotest PLAZMA you:

  1. love China and hate America
  2. are a video game-playing nerd
  3. are hated by both “dangerously hardcore serious lifters” and sexy fitness models
  4. poop your pants

Shockingly there was no direct link to a Biotest product in the article.  “High-grade protein powder” would have looked perfect in dark blue.  Someone on the web design team is getting fired as we speak, since I’m sure this oversight cost Tim Patterson millions – millions which no doubt he would have plowed back into R&D (i.e. buying stock photos of people in lab coats)


23 thoughts on “TC Luoma wins award

  1. Maybe Fartz just eats a high fiber diet and is getting the last laugh as the people eating 200g Biotest Whey protein powder per day are gonna end up with colon cancer.

          • Only person here who doesn’t completely hate Paul Carter. Actually reading his training concepts, I think they’re quite good, use some isolation exercises, do some bodybuilding work, actually train and don’t just test maxes everyday, do somewhat disagree on using sets of 8-10 a lot on compound lifts (but who am I to say?) but in totality I think his methodology is quite reasonable, and would likely result in much more success than “YEAH BRO JUST AMP YOURSELF UP AND GO HARD NOMSAYIN BRAH, IF YOU CANT YOU’RE JUST A PUSSY, BUY MY SUPPS SO YOU CAN NOT BE A PUSSY ANYMORE.”

            May disagree with him on his life advice posts and whatnot, and downplaying of steroid use, but eh. Sorry I can’t see him as an absolute villain.

          • I’m also a big fan of PC training advice. Probably the best advice source on the interwebz for beginner and intermediate lifters. You could say I’m a PC fan.

            His non-training advice reads like it’s written by an angry high school dweeb on steroids (to judge from what he wrote about himself, this describes him pretty well), but I can always choose to skip those parts and benefit from the excellent programming stuff.

        • I also like his training advice. He just announced that he is doing a book with Christian Thibaudeau, so I think it is official that he is a shill for TNation. It seems in general he has become one of those fitness people who does whatever to make a buck. Celicaxx was that a shot at Jaime Lewis or is that really that common now with Fitness personalities?

          • All jokes aside, I don’t think Paul Carter is the devil or even the worst fitness guru. Someone just threw me a softball re: the quip about IT guys (which I still don’t get-why are they so bad)

    • At the gym I go to, they tend to tumble around and settle into the corners around the power racks. I have no idea what sets them into motion, since I’ve only seen someone actually use a bosu ball maybe 6 times in the 4.5 years I’ve been going there.

    • Of course he is – I think I read a funnier version of this article in 2002. It was also by TC, and he plagarized that one from some other guy who wrote it for his website in 1999.

    • Well on one hand it would be infinitely long, and on the other, infinitely short, as they will all include (or at least they would if you pressed them) the the “Swedish caveat” viz “not for competitive lifters.” Aka blast and shock your chest with these functional strength exercises. And to increase your bench press gain twenty pounds

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