Sex on the beat…

…have a daughter and a son with it.

Weight: 171.2 ugh i was like 168 everyday last week and then I had a total meltdown and ate an entire large pizza hut pizza (pretzel crust, sausage, red peppers & honey siriacha swirl) also 7/8 of a blueberry pie that one of Karena’s grandmothers sent and about 20 cookies that the other grandmother made, and despite the whole week being like Lyle McDonald’s more carb-free cousin, this is the lowest I’ve gotten back to.

now i do all my squats first in the rack, because I fucking hate switching over.

Squat: 45×4, 135×3, 225×2, 285,345,395,410×1

Partial Squat #15 (the 3rd highest, there are 10 settings i can use; I know this means nothing to you): 495,565,600,610x1

Pause Squat: 340×1

alternating deadlifts and bench pressery

Pause Bench: 45px6, 135×3, 225×1, 280, 315, 330×1 (second day in a row i hit 330)

Partial Bench #18+2 mats (so #18 is the highest, 2 mats makes 1″ so halfway between pins): 355, 380, 390, 405x1

Closegrip Bench: 325×1 (third day in a row i’ve closegripped 325)

Deadlift: 225×2, 295×1, 365×1, 395xcouldn’t even break the floor i blame fatman for quitting the deadlift and discouraging me; not really

Snatch grip deadlift: 355x1

time: 1:53

As usual not sure what to do about deadlifting.  I was going nicely and had hit 420 doing a different # of mats everyday, making little jumps.  then I stopped because I thought i might want to use the mats in the bench press, but since i have 3 mats, i could use like 2 in the bench and 1 for deadlift, etc.

B. or I could go back to pulling sumo however this has made my knee hurt 6 out of the last 6 times i’ve tried it, and would require changing out of my WL shoes.

C. or i could start back doing rack pulls, however this would add maybe 20 minutes to already long workouts

D. or I could just lower the weight until i’m more speedy and just deadlift lightly but with more volume

E. or i could deadlift like once or twice a week like everyone else

F. RDL? Trap Bar??  ???ed coan

y’all can weigh in with your opinions or i could just keep doing what i’m doing (G) and maybe magically hit 425 tomorrow, 430 on Sunday, etc


23 thoughts on “Sex on the beat…

  1. Candito says if you squat wide stance, go for conventional deadlift to work all muscles. Unless, like you, one actually competes and should go for the stan e where can pull the most weight.

    • no offense to you but a lot of these gurus (Rip being a prime example, most articles on t-mag being another) say “unless you compete” which renders everything else less useful. If I didn’t compete i would probably do a bodybuilding routine that featured a lot of pumping and maybe some kb swings for cardio.

  2. Would recommend Sheiko 29 deadlift routine. Or do 5-10 triples once a week starting at 80% of your max and go up if you feel comfy. Also do good mornings and abs once a week at least as well.

    I wonder if I can sumo deadlift 200kg now.

  3. Agree with supra. Not necessarily that scheme, but more volume is the way to go. I currently do conventional and snatch grip once a week each. I’m still playing with rep scheme, but usually around 10 total reps of each, submaximal.

    • Also, I find I have to do higher intensity sets regularly(relatively speaking) or my volume “improvements” don’t carry over because I fail to break the bar from the floor. I do 4 weeks of volume than 4 weeks for mostly singles 2-3x/week leading up to a new max.

      Of course, I weight 30# more than you and only pull 5 hundo, so fuck me, right? One day I’ll be worthy to give advice. Maybe next year.

      • Unless there’s something you’re not showing, I see 2 reps in a useful effort range today. I don’t think that’s enough volume, even if you do 2-3 reps per day. There’s something about a minimum effort per session that working up to a top single won’t cut it. Something about accumulating useful fatigue.

      • Go light but more volume. Heavy daily squatting should keep driving the strength up, especially with really heavy partials. You can taper and peak for the meet easily enough with Deadlifts. On a side note do you think the very heavy partials and squat volume are making it too hard to recover from heavy deadlifts too? Like from a total tonnage perspective?

        • i think a year ago it was too hard to recover from but i slowly built up over the last few months til what i’m doing now is not really a recovery issue it’s more a sucking issue.
          what i mean is that I’m not like pulling 495 and then the next day not pulling shit because my back’s all sore.

          • I think the best thing would be to do what you did for your last meet. I.e. dick around doing light weights in the 300-350 range and then magically pull 550 on meet day.

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