46 inches.

maybe i’ll make a real post tomorrow.  this is just to shut up hsilman and reward dirty dave.

still work out every day, missed first day since 3/14 (had cold)

weight: about 168

squatting: doing about 415 as a daily max but focusing on the partials.  my shoulder was hurting and I discovered this was not from benching daily but from taking too narrow of a grip on the squat bar.

partial squatting: oh yeah.

benching: i think tomorrow i will pause bench 330.  calling my shot.

partial benching: woo haa

deadlifting: easy 415 pull.  snatch grip 335 no belt, index fingers on the rings

time: about 1:45-1:55/day

the lawnmower broke. to quickly sum up: troy-bilt is a piece of shit.  fuck “spiny sweetgum balls,” Lowe’s is cool; I got a mega-sweet deal on this monster which arrived today: http://www.husqvarna.com/us/products/garden-tractors/yth22v46/

but i had to take Rex to jj so couldn’t fool with it.

funny story – when i called to find out when the delivery truck was coming, the guy answered the phone with the slowest talking Southern drawl I’ve ever heard

I got to talking with the two guys who brought the mower

Me: Who’s the guy who answers your phone in the delivery section?

Delivery Guy #1: Oh that’s “Mike”.  He talks real slow, don’t he?

Me: Yeah I’m not from around here.  I had a hard time understanding him.

Delivery Guy #2: It’s cause he had a stroke.

Me: …

Delivery Guy #1: Don’t feel bad, he talked real slow even before he had the stroke.


25 thoughts on “46 inches.

  1. “fuck some sweet gum balls” no doubt. Like that husqy. Like the swede said. Though I am surprised about the quality of the Troy-bilt… Their stuff is usually good. Nice job on the 450 daily.

  2. “my shoulder was hurting and I discovered this was not from benching daily but from taking too narrow of a grip on the squat bar.”

    I noticed something similar with my right shoulder. It started as discomfort when I squatted low bar, then it was pain, now the shoulder hurts on all exercises. I’ve moved the bar higher on squats, but it looks like it’ll take some time to heal. Not only do low bar squats result in steatopygia, they also wreck your upper body.

    • I’ve settled on wide grip and breaking at hips but still undecided on whether to look at ground ala rip or at ceiling ala Broz. Both feel great with <365 and awful above that haha

  3. I wish I could pull off a slow drawl. Consider me one of your disciples for everyday squatting(although I only have worked up to 5 days). I am interested in your use of partials as well.

    • I’ll post more about it soon. I am a little afraid that it won’t work and Fatman and others will make fun. Basically I just pick a target weight and then try to hit it at the tiniest depth. Then when I can do it, I move the pins down one notch. I do about 4-6 of these partials every day on squat and 2-4 on bench.

      • As long as you still do regular squatting every so often to “grease the groove” I don’t see how doing heavy partials would not increase strength.

        • Absolutely correct and a good point. I do that now although made the mistake of not full starting in earnest before. For me partials give a lot of confidence experiencing heavy weights on my back. Also I have found that the best thing to do is either just touch the pins or slight pause. Both seem good. Resting on them or bouncing off are nogos. Finally, I gave up on benching from the pins. Squatting from the pins is good BC it’s so hard but you have to make sure you’re getting underneath in your squat stance. I had found myself cheating and winding up going like a back lift with a very wide stance. Good luck and let me know how it goes.

    • I too am sick of internet strength gurus who hook us in and then string us along. Coach, you should take heed of how this strategy backfired on Brant.

    • sorry i’m busy with work, kids, this jungle of a 5 acre lawn, and also training 2 hours a day. I’ll try to make more time to write amusing 1000 word posts for you.

    • >Implying Coach isn’t the only shop in town.

      Actually, I see there’s been some quality mope recently in Brant’s comment section.

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