Guru Strength

Fatman writes:

“I just am of the opinion that if you write a book about squatting you should squat a lot.”

This makes your admiration for Stuart McRobert kinda hard to understand.

I responded:

Wrong guy I hate that nerd.

i typed that on the phone in a hurry because as xkcd put it “somebody was wrong on the internet” but to elaborate,

a) Jaime Lewis and I are more or less in agreement about Stuart McRobert.  The guy’s a bitch. (not going to link to Chaos & Pain because I don’t want to subject anyone to pics of rotting corpses, find it yourself, I recommend using google and an image blocker)

b) Bold claims require more evidence.  Andrew Tobias is one of my favorite financial writers.  He talks about buying things in bulk to save money, avoiding scams, and putting your money into safe investments.  If I found out that Andrew Tobias’ net worth was  $100,000, it wouldn’t upset me.  Robert Kiyosaki has wild advice about flipping properties, starting corporations, etc, that fly in the face of conventional wisdom.  His net worth is high but it is almost all from selling how-to-get-rich information. Nassim Taleb is a guy with a lot of wild opinions, but he is also quite wealthy by being right when the conventional wisdom was wrong.

So if i am going to follow someone’s advice to squat every day I would rather listen to be from someone like Abidjaev, Broz, or Damien Pezzuti, since squatting every day is seemingly absurd and takes a lot of time.  I’m not saying that Matthew Perryman is weak.  I just do not know very much about how much he can lift.


22 thoughts on “Guru Strength

  1. I hear ya Coach. I just read the book. Perryman doesn’t have programming per se, just found the science to support Broz, Abj, etc. I know I don’t have to convince you, in fact, I was just sharing. For me, what he squats isn’t relevant.

      • You can rant, you’re OG with this stuff. Like I said, just sharing. His book is not a program, it is more of a training concept that you’re already familiar with. Thing is, I had already been thinking about the concept because I used to run, kayak and/or snowboard everyday and I was fine. Why would lifting weights be any different? I was also following your blog and I read “Strongman” about Doug Hepburn and he was training heavy every day back in 1948. I was just researching and found Perryman’s book and it was the first source I had found that didn’t try to sell the concept, it just explained it in a manner my dumb ass could follow. We’ll see how it goes for me. I’m “all in” for now and finding it keeps me from being bored and I think about/look forward to what the workout will bring.

  2. OK maybe it was Bradley Steiner, I get those 2 confused with Crooks Bubik.

    How come you’re back on whey? Processed beef refuse wasn’t doing the trick anymore?

      • They subscribe to High frequency DM style training for olympic lifting, interesting stuff. I really like how they lay it out but I could do without the Zen shit though.

          • Well, I can’t say from my limited exposure and somewhat enemy status (or are you friends now with mr. christmas and all mope people) regarding you.

            Nick on the other hand, on a personal level, I can’t say anything negative about him. He answered my emails to him (even though I seemed probably mentally ill as I confused him with a local coach I contacted) in a very friendly manner and seems like a nice dude, and so does Tamara. One time on mopewod someone made a joke about me and Nick Horton, though, but it wasn’t Brent, so I have no idea of Brent’s opinions.

            That said, on Nick Horton’s actual programming stuff, and stuff about Olympic lifting, I think it basically epitomizes the Dunning Kruger American lifting/fitness instruction culture. Literally, Brent Kim is light years stronger than Nick Horton in basically every manner possible except maybe some Highland Games type things (maybe) but he doesn’t open his own gym, start his own inner circle thing, start writing tons of articles, and squat programs, and philosophy stuff. Why? Because he doesn’t feel he’s accomplished enough to, even though he’s nationally competitive for real. As far as I can tell, for example, Nick’s last squat video he posted was 335lbs low bar, my best is 315. Would you listen to me for training advice?

            Perhaps I am just being a complete hater right now, mad he’s got money and bitches and friends and I am sitting on a computer listening to anime songs. This might be an accurate criticism of me. I should not hate on someone who’s turned a passion into a career, as ideally everyone would like to do that, right? But at the same time, you can see where I am coming from, right? Basically I am mad that confident testosterone filled happy people get nice things and I get nothing.

            What else. I’m pretty much mad at all American Olympic lifting shit in general, really. As I wasted probably two or more years training doing dinky 95lb snatches with horrendous form with the bar a foot out in front of me trying to be “Bulgarian” and go to max and whatnot, and then figuring it was my fault I wasn’t progressing as I didn’t do enough PVC pipe drills. It’s only recently I’ve made any progress and it’s basically only through the Russian and Chinese cues and drills, for example the foot sliding thing. They actually know enough to explain things simply. Everyone nowadays is copying the Chinese and Russians but then before we knew what they were doing you’d laugh at such ideas as using bodybuilding to improve your Olympic lifts. That and the ideology espoused more of building up generalized strength instead of just “Bulgarian” go to max snatch clean and jerk everyday (which isn’t even actual Bulgarian programming anyway.)

            Basically, nobody knows what the hell they’re doing at all, but markets themselves as knowing what they’re doing when a few years ago they were doing IT shit or something, whereas at least in Russia, China, etc, there’s real actual qualifications to be a coach, and the athletes doing it have been doing it since they were kids under such qualified coaches.

            To be fair to Nick Horton, though, at least he hasn’t hopped on a cycle to magically squat 600lbs in a year proving his squat programs supreme or something to seem more credible. He’s having fun and making money and friends and stuff. So again, since he’s not done this, he’s at least not a dick.

            Whatever, it’s all right. He’s all right. Listen to whoever.

          • I appreciate your honesty. I just like the concept of squatting and training everyday so I look for people to validate my own oppinions. I will say this, I think the Chinese and Russian methods are great and doing no assistance work, only works for genetic freaks, but to think that they are only great because they do bodybuilding ignores the obvious factors.
            1)the best athletes in those countries compete in Olympic sports
            2)they train from childhood
            3)they use drugs and are good at getting around testing.

          • Obviously not just bodybuilding, but just the amount of strength work in general the foreign countries, especially upper body work, is insane. Vladimir Safonov has girls military pressing higher than bodyweight. Sa Jae Hyouk before London 2012 could push press 10kg under the American clean and jerk record for 77kg. And while they were doing this, we were sitting around arguing whether pressing affects your muscle tonus for jerks.

            And the amount of overcomplication is enormous. Seeing all this argument about catapult and S pull and pulling from the heels vs the toes and blah blah blah. Really, shit isn’t that hard. You pull the bar as close to your body as possible trying to keep it in a reasonably straight line, while keeping your back arched and chest out, while getting under the bar quickly. That’s it. In USA, coaches seem not to really know how to think big picture at all, probably because big picture is hard to sell. It’s all about some latest new gimmick, program, or technique cue to bring you to the next level. They can’t teach something simply and concisely at once, and of course they want blind allegiance to them and their particular program and ideology. Meanwhile you have guys like Boris Sheiko who in his first book is super humble, says modify his programs as you see fit, etc.

          • can’t fault someone who is trying to make a buck. the world is full of snake oil salesmen, its up to you to not buy it.

            anyways celiax you are right. but everything goes hand in hand. for example I am shit at cleans so i am doing them 3x a week because that is practice. No amount of face pulls and delt raises is going to fix my clean as much as practicing that movement, heavy, often. how do I know this? I just, you know, tried it out.

          • Uhh ohh. Celica said you try and pull in a straight line. The anti-rippetoe jihad must begin.

    • They are both good guys(I only interact directly with Nick, not Chris, but I’m assuming) but tbh, Chris is the one with the bona fides in the duo.

      Well Nick and his gf/wife/liveinwomen Tamara sent me a free t-shirt for Xmas one time, so he’s the best, most wonderfullest weightlifting coach in the world. Obviously.

  3. chris duffin is and interesting guy when it comes to lifting things, but I wish he’d keep his thoughts on manliness to his fucking self. that said, he’s a beast under the bar and probably as a coach.

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