Body Fortress LIES

Instead of typing out my entire week’s log I’ll just give you a rundown of anything notable.  I’m sure this will upset hsilman or somebody but too bad.

Weight: I averaged 170 this week which was good.

workout #1 is pause squat+partials, pause bench+partials, deadlift and takes about 2:15

workout #2 is squat+partials, floor press, deadlift and takes about 1:45

I started doing partial squats on both days and partial bench after pause bench.  It is going well.  I’m just starting on the smallest ROM and going up to a very heavy secret weight, then when I get the weight I want, I move the pins down.  It is going quite well so far.

Pause Squat: going well, got 395, although on this set it took longer coming up than I was paused and I got a bloody nose and bled all over the floor

Pause Bench: going well, got 320

Squat: Kind of a disaster since I basically did pause squats for two weeks and everything seemed heavy.  This week my daily max was 405, 405, 400 on the 3 days i did squats so basically I’m getting weaker, yes like Flowers for Algernon but it’s going to be okay.

Floor Press: Daily Maxes were all in the 320-330 range which is decent.  Did get 300x3x2 for volume afterwards today.  Floor Press has always been an exercise like that where max singles are awful.

Deadlift still lifting lightly and daily I did 365 for an easy single, 300 for a few snatch grip singles.  With the mats i did 10 lbs less for each half inch of mat.  For some reason the hardest (not really hard but a little slower than I’d like) height is always 0.5″

I made the mistake of buying Body Fortress whey isolate at walmart and it caused no digestive irregularities but I found out that they have a class action lawsuit against them for dumping in like massive amounts of cheap and shitty random amino acids to make the protein on the label higher.

Will go back to Optimum Platinum even though this means I can’t afford shoes for the kids and have to only shoot 3 round bursts instead of full auto to save ammo.  Will give NOW Isolate a try.  Will tear the muffler off of Celica’s Celica if he comments:

“Coach you should really try Spirulina”


“I told you just to do what I do and eat strawberries and honey.”


18 thoughts on “Body Fortress LIES

  1. Hey, I eat honey post workout! Only a spoonful and it is good.

    “A very heavy secret weight” nice.

    A bloody nose huh? There is a scene in “The Soul is Greater than the World” where Ricky Bruch is benching 225kg and he blows his nose out and ends up in the hospital with a sexy Swedish nurse saying, “Why Ricky? Is it really worth all this?” You find yourself waiting for the clothes to come off.

    • no can do. it’s concentrate. also it tastes plasticky. Here’s a good way to tell if your protein is bullshit: If the first ingredient is protein and the second ingredient is Super Recovery Blend (glutamine, BCAA, creatine, taurine and a lot of other things that fooled me because they sound Awesome)

      • oh I forgot about isolate for you. I’m sure it doesn’t taste amazing, but I have some ON, so I can just mix one and one and it will be decent. I also put fruit in my shake anyway.

        vitamin shoppe lists an appx bcaa content for each scoop on the ingredients, which I respect. Honestly though, I don’t think it really makes much difference. As long as you are getting complete protein throughout the day(ie aren’t vegan or some other retarded thing) I doubt the exact composition of your whey is killing your gains. As long as your “protein dose” during muscle protein synthesis contains a few grams of leucine and the other EAAs are floating around in some level, you’ll have maximized your potential for growth/recovery, at least based on current data.

        • I agree with the not making much of a difference part. But it’s the ethics of the thing: Don’t put in extra stuff to save money and pretend you’re doing me a favor. Sausage with sawdust may taste almost as good but don’t call the sawdust “Flavor Enhancement Blend”

  2. Also, I think my left leg is healing up. I’m going to do 10s up to 255-275 or so, then switch to 5s. Once I get to the (hopefully) mid 300s I’ll hope back on my regular template. At least my bench is progressing well. I think I have a good shot at pausing 260 whenever I decide to finally deload and test. That’s a 25# increase since the end of February. I’m shooting for 3 plates paused this year.

    • all your plans sound reasonable except the bench it does nothing but disappoint everyone. You’ll get 275 paused by the end of 2015 is my opinion but it’s just an over-under type speculation. I hope you will get 315 paused even though i’d be jealous.

      I had a solid plan to hit 400 in 2002.

  3. Coach how did benching and overhead workout for you when you did it everyday? I’m considering using a similiar template as you but geared more towards strongman.

    • I never did benching and military pressing, same day every day. I did bench EOD and push press EOD but the push press started to be annoying and hurt my wrists so i stopped. I did Bench EOD and BTN EOD and that was pretty fun. I think you can do whatever you want to do as long as you start slowly and be cautious. When I don’t feel like squatting I usually say to myself “stop being a pussy” and then go squat. But when I don’t feel like benching/pressing it’s usually because my shoulder or elbow or something is sore so I’m much more likely to take the day off or just do something light or pull bands. No shame in it.

      also at least at first make sure you are doing a good bit of pullups/band pulling/rows etc. later on you can say fuck it, snatch grip deadlifts are all i need.

    • thank you i heard that the stretch reflex lasts for four seconds which is why most people can press in competition as much as they touch-and-go unless their touch and go is like a bounce-and-go. That one second pause is irrelevant and not worth practicing unless you are prone to forgetting to listen for commands.

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