Squatting Daily Causes Swelling, Abnormalities, Authorities Claim



14 thoughts on “Squatting Daily Causes Swelling, Abnormalities, Authorities Claim

  1. I’m tasting your kool-ade Coach. I am about halfway through Squat Every Day. I have also been experimenting and managed to squat heavy( for me) six out of seven days in a row. Guess what? I’m fine. A little glitch in the right knee (old Injury)but GTG.

      • I do not lunge, at least not as a regular thing, however I am squatting heavy nearly everyday. The book mentions Broz a lot as well as Abadjiev. Powerlifting to Win highly recommends it.

      • BTW, there is no actual program. Perryman justifies the benefits of lifting heavy for singles, doubles or triples everyday. He highlights those who pioneered the method of “maxing” daily. Very enlightening read.

    • it may be a good book but i want to know – how much does Perryman lift? He just says a lot of stuff and it sounds fabulous. I could be making a mistake – it may be a lot more than I squat. I just am of the opinion that if you write a book about squatting you should squat a lot.

      Taleb deadlifts >335 lbs btw. (because he mentions it in a book) He took up lifting a few years ago (late 40s?) because people gave him a hard time about his books. Instead of getting a personal trainer he found some big scary guy and asked him to show him what he really did for his own workout (lots of singles doubles and triples with basic exercises). Source: what i remember from Antifragile

      Thought you’d like to know.

      • Thanks, IDK what his totals are. IMO, it’s not necessarily cogent to read his book and understand it. His assertions have more to do with challenging the current belief that a LP is the best way to make gains; that resting and not lifting at your max level daily is the best, etc.
        I just started thinking outside the box, his book was just one that I picked up, its not the final word. Personally, I like the Hepburn method I’m doing right now which is basically a 90% doubles routine. Doug was doing that in 1948.
        While I agree with you to some extent in regards to someone writing a book about squatting heavy being able to squat heavy, that is not his point. The point of the book is that he too drank the “Bulgarian Method” koolaid and discovered that it worked, despite everyone else in the fitness industry saying it was BS. He then looked into why it worked and wrote about his findings.
        Hell, when I see your numbers, it makes one think…
        Floor pressing 2xBW is definitely olde time strongman stuff. Regardless, I’m interested in it now and making an effort at it.

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