Groundbreaking Powerlifting Training

tmag Leg-Extension

The best picture ever, from another t-mag article.  I mean you could have the world’s greatest caption contest.

Amit Sapir is obviously an elite athlete who’s chasing world records and bodybuilding titles. The majority of people would only need the recommended label amounts of these supplements.

Still, it’s interesting to take a peek inside the supplement plan of someone who’s both a top bodybuilder and one of the world’s strongest powerlifters.

oh t-nation


18 thoughts on “Groundbreaking Powerlifting Training

  1. Wow, what a picture to be staring at me from the top of my reader.
    Also…”After two servings of PLAZMA and one FINIBAR, Myrtle gets a wicked pump on the hip abductor machine.”

  2. “Sarah Palin wow’s neocons with a new agro-look as she prepares for yet another run.”
    “Amit had three surgeries during his preparation – left biceps tendon, right biceps tendon, and pec major. Undeterred, he’d simple train one-handed until his injured side healed.”
    “Yeah, the only ” supplements” I use are Bio-test pure,” responds Amit to accusations of doping.
    No doubt homes works hard. That is twice what I squat.

    • Strangely I don’t doubt Plazma’s “effectiveness”, but reading the ingredients it’s basically overpriced T-Nation Gatorade, just look at the ingredients, it’s carbs, citruline maleate, then potassium and magnesium like Powerade. So I think logically you’d get more gainz than Plazma by eating bananas and drinking orange juice. But you can’t eat those things because they’re evil carbs with evil fructose and only skinny marathon runners do shit like that, but drinking Plazma is OK because jacked dudes use it.

  3. My favorite things you write involved T-Nation. Please more in that direction because the entertainment value is priceless. Also I feel your pain with the manta ray at max weights, it gets a little crazy.

    • thanks man, i will mock T-Nation more. Maybe i’ll make it a weekly thing. The last issue wasn’t entirely horrible besides the shameless TC supplement plug and Lee Boyce insisting that it is impossible to train for strength in two different exercises in one workout.

      And i think you’ll get a handle on the manta ray if you use it enough i got used to it when i used it before. see this guy does 585 while carrying a gun.

  4. I think I’ll go with “Lifting Weights Won’t Make You Masculine”

    but i also would like to point out a few things:
    1) I (and everyone else) thought this was the adductor/abductor (gyno) machine, but the pic was titled “Leg Extension”
    2) Is she not wearing pants?
    3) If she *is* wearing pants, why did the editor choose to add a flesh-colored blur to the bottom of the pic? In the original, could you see her 3″ clit hanging out or something?
    4) Forehead veins are extremely unattractive on a lady. On anyone, really.
    5) I’d still hit that.

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