have been busy lately so am going to slow down the volume of blog posts.  still training daily, still making videos of sexy prs for the ladies me doing exercises in a dark damp garage. i’ll post like once a week and catch you up on the highlights.


8 thoughts on “busy

  1. Hmm yes and no. Mostly no because I used to do curls all the time and while my bench press deadlift etc got pretty good I think my best ever curl on a straight bar was like 125×2 so when you compare it to the guys who actually do that lift… Plus I’d rather just take my stupid pl trophy and go home than pay an extra fee and be at the meet an extra hour

    • Speaking of trophies have you ever thought of starting Olympic lifting, getting a 90kg clean and jerk, and a 70kg snatch at 77, getting a Masters record in your class for your state and getting another trophy. Then get a USAW certification and being a lifting coach and charging $70 per hour to Crossfitters? Then since you don’t know anything about Olympic lifting technique, you have them bench press and deadlift after showing them a video of Klokov doing it and then when the classic lifts come up you just say vague shit like “stay tight! pull higher! get under faster!” and then when someone asks you to help solve a specific problem you just say the same things and tell them they’ll eventually get it?

      I think this is a much better career path than your current bail enforcement/NSA agent/private security/super l337 hacker jobs I imagine you doing. Also you have a beard so you’ll be hardcore and edgy. You could be Coach again. And not ruining various people’s Christmases.

      Anyway, you’ll be pleased to know I’m now lifting multiple times a day some days and making gainz.

      • “Speaking of trophies…they’ll eventually get it”

        This sounds like the worst thing ever. A phony teaching phonies. You are out of your mind.

        But I’m glad you have been gaining and training more. I have been doing pause squats lately. Haven’t got 240 kg for 5×5 yet.

        • Ah, it was my attempt at dark lifting humor. I remembered what you wrote about your time with an Olympic lifting coach and the PVC pipe shit when I wrote that. But either way this training method may in fact work better than PVC pipe.

          Clarence for president.

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