Weight: 170.8 AM, 169.8 post-training

awesome a giant cardboard mattress box that i had in the garage procrastinating dealing with fell over and smashed my $9 camera tripod. it is now a bipod but it still works

like i said last post my belt is so loose that even on the tightest if i don’t push my belly out it will slide down. so i was going to do beltless squats today even though hsilman will accuse me of using variants.  i went beltless til 320 and then at 340 i found myself reaching for it and even in its near-useless state i received the psychological crutch benefit (though none of the righteousness of doing beltless squats and “strengthening my ‘core'”

it was 83 and humid today.  gym was 83 and dark and dank. i felt righteousness vs my opponents training in air-conditioned gym, but it may just have been lightheadedness.


Squat: 45×6, 135×3, 225×2, 275, 300, 320, 340, 360, 380, 400, 410; 365×1,1,1,2, 370×1, 375×1,1, 380×1, 385×1, 390×1, 365×3

Floor Press: 45(btn)x4, 135×3, 205×2, 245, 265, 285, 295, 300, 305; 280×3, 285×2, 290×2

i left a sweat mark on the floor that looked exactly like my silhouette. kind of like the shroud of Turin.  It was kinda neat but the picture didn’t come out great and i’m sure i’ll have another opportunity to show you over the next five months as the temperature climbs to 120.

should probably vacuum and mop this cave

Pulls: 135×3, 205, 275, 305, 335

Snatch grip pulls: 275,280,285x2x1

Time: 2:22

probably a thing that very few have had as a post-training meal which is the worm from a bottle of mezcal.  it fell into the glass and it did not look appetizing but Rex demanded that i eat it so i did and it made him wince. it looked crunchy but was chewy and i immediately felt it crawling around in my throat although this is unlikely.

for those nutritional puritans who don’t think liquor is a good post-workout meal,  i also had a big bowl of ground pork and eggs and a cucumber oh and a lemon.

quincy (who eats about 90 calories a day all carbs) for some reason loved the ground pork even though it was unseasoned and last night she had nine servings of it (they were small servings because i suspected she was throwing/hiding it but no) she kept yelling “MORE MEAT” then she drank 8 oz of milk which since she weighs 25 lbs that’s like a half gallon of milk and 3 lbs of pork for an adult male. today i think she ate an animal cracker and a french fry.


11 thoughts on “worm

  1. Nice. Very nice coach. I support the post workout mezcal worm meal. I celebrated my DL fail today by eating a big bowl of chicken and sausage jambalaya and drinking a Dogfish Head 90min.

  2. Ah, so your daughter went from vegan to extreme phonebook tearing carnivore in like 6 months?

    Also alcohol post workout is fine. But it should be beer for more carbs and glycogen refill.

  3. I never consciously thought about your belt strategy but I would have assumed you saved it until the last warm up set. No hate, it’s just making me reconsider my currently belt less training. I might looks into a new one although I will

    • Let me be clear. When I have a belt that fits I use it usually on 315 up. Some times sooner if back feels tired. Rarely I will go beltless with 315. It’s more of a practice how you play thing. That’s the advice of pl2win also. Sheiko says to use belt 135 and up.

      • I know a guy who uses a belt from the get, and mixed grip even with 135 on deads. Hasn’t hurt him yet and he’s squatting in the 5s and pulling 6s last I checked.

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