skinny bitch

weight: 171.8

still 9 lbs over, but I no longer fit in my powerlifting belt and have to buy a new one

fatman insisted that this would be sufficient:

but i got this instead:


Manta Ray Squat: 45×5, 135×3, 225×2, 275, 315, 335×1

videoed 135, 225 & 315 for dave there’s not really any transition, and trying to put captions crashed flowblade. i did 135 with no hands on the last rep of that set this was just for fun though the manta ray kind of encourages this nonsense

pause squat (some high bar some low bar just experimenting i did video for my own benefit): 230,250×3

Closegrip Pause Bench: 45 (btn&mil press)x12, 135×3, 205×2, 235,255,270,280,285; 230,235×3 (no pause on the volume)

my index fingers are right up against the smooth it’s like 2.5 inches on each side closer than my normal grip.  it’s a closegrip ok.  i used to do them with my thumbs touching and just got sore wrists.

time: 1:03


Squat: 45×4, 135×3, 225×2, 315, 355, 385, 405, 425; 365,370,375×2, 380,385,390×1, 390×1

Pulls (1.5″) 135×3, 205×2, 275, 295; (SG) 240×2, 245×2,1

Time: 1 hour this was hard to finish in an hour.


11 thoughts on “skinny bitch

  1. holy shit
    1. in comments: same discussion of forward lean prompted by the swede that he started up again a year later 🙂 followed again by debate from fats & hsil
    2. same max squat
    2a. i am lighter though
    3. still fucking around with the manta ray (though i’m better at it probably bc shoes)
    4. videos had music
    5. i miss wo
    i’m scared to read more; everything just repeats itself.

  2. I still don’t understand why you switch to all these variations right away instead of just changing something small first to see how it effects you. I think it’s westside thinking still fucking with you.

    But I recently totaled 1200@198, so fuck me, right?

    • i’m not switching. i just wanted to do something different for once. i will say that manta ray squats/pause squats will only become a part of my program if i am squatting 2x a day. pause/closegrip presses may become a part of my program but anything with the bench is not convenient bc then i can’t squat in the rack while doing so.

      but a year ago you would have been right about the westside thing. you have very astute observations. i need you to keep me in check.

      and 1200 @198 is fine but not when you spend as much time and effort as i do at it and have been lifting as long. you’ll get stronger… for me it’s time to shit or get off the pot as they say.

      • I can understand wanting to switch stuff up for varieties sake.

        Perhaps do squats and btn or something, and then bench and deads together?

        I think the “only one variant” thing is better because of carryover. Like, do cg bench or paused benching, but not combined. As you add factors, the intensity gets lower and lower compared to the main lift.

        If you’re doing these mostly for extra volume, then why sets of 1-3 in the first place?

        • “Perhaps do squats and btn or something, and then bench and deads together?”
          i was going to do squats and floor press then bench and deads today but you’ll see that i just spent all my time doing squats. but yeah that’s solid

          “I think the ‘only one variant’ thing is better because of carryover…”
          it is true but i would wager that i can do nearly as much closegrip pause as regular pause maybe a ten pound difference

          “If you’re doing these mostly for extra volume, then why sets of 1-3 in the first place?” that’s as high as i can count haha no i can’t lift as much weight if i do more than 3 reps. you might catch me someday doing a 4 or 5 but i’d rather do 2×2 than 4 if i have time.

          a factor that i haven’t mentioned is that actual bench press becomes a pain as i approach my max bc i don’t have anyone to lift off to me so i have to arch to take it off which then gets me out of my position and also seems to make me able to lift less weight. so i still want to do it, i’m thinking i will mostly do floor press which seems to have good carryover, and then do my closegrip pauses or regular pauses or whatever when i do real bench.

    • “But I recently totaled 1200@198, so fuck me, right?”

      Not really, as competition total is automatically worth 200 lbs. more than a gym sum-of-three-lifts because you know your lifts are legit.

      Good for you BTW. I’ve decided to wait until I’m 55-60 before competing. I figure by then most (all) the strong guys will bow out due to injuries and beetus.

    • it is, but they kind of betray you after a point where ten pounds higher they go from “i could do this with no hands” to “urk this thing is pinching my neck and dragging me forwards”
      you should get it though especially since you mentioned your back. holy shit they want $44 for it on amazon.

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