rest day

damien pezzuti’s latest.  i’m a fan, and I got some good ideas from it, namely in some of his thoughts on front squats (no), singles for warmups (yes), and worthy variants:

For the Squat – pause squat & high-bar (if squat low-bar) squat. For the Bench Press – floor press and close-grip press if your lockout is an issue. If you struggle off the chest then 3-count pause presses are your best friend. For the Deadlift – if your lockout is an issue than block pulls or rack pulls are solid options. If you struggle to break the floor than deficit deadlifts are a great choice.

However i feel that it lacks somewhat.  I mean he doesn’t train 3 days per week like this – why is he recommending it?  It doesn’t say “for rank novices – later you can build up to 14 sessions a week”  He does mention maybe later adding a fourth day.  A light fourth day.

Also, and this is splitting hairs, “Doing 5×7 @ 500lbs is impressive, but if you can’t do 600 for a single then what good is it?” But his last video as far as I know is him squatting 500×10.  Although i think this counts as rehab for an injury.  idk.

anyway i have a lot of admiration for the fellow but would rather read an article about exactly how he trained.

wt: 173.2


Squat: 45×4, 135×3, 225×2, 315, 365, 385, 405, 420; 365×1

Floor Press: 45btnx8, 135×4, 205×3, 245×2, 285, 295, 305, 310, 280×1

time 1:12

not really feelin it


Pulls (1″): 135×4, 205, 275, 305; 245×3, 250×2 snatch grip on volume

Pause Bench (4 count): 45×5, 135×3, 225, 245, 265, 275

wanted to manta ray squat today for some reason but no time

time: 31


12 thoughts on “rest day

    • i have done them before but what happened was 2 things:
      1. i didn’t do enough of my regular squat and wasted time doing rack squats, front squats, etc etc.
      2. at a certain weight they started pinching a nerve or blood vessel and i would get a weird palsy on my left side and almost pass out

      here’s some thoughts from when i got the thing:

      but yeah i will post a video though i plan to only do them (or high bar squats) once my real work for that day is done

      • Do you still have the low back pain from low bar squatting? I have moved to only high bar for several reasons as of late and one was low back pain.

        • i do not have the pain, knock on wood, and I think it’s due to two reasons:

          1) not pulling heavy (round back) deadlifts in training. i don’t feel that they are necessarily bad for the back in and of themselves but they do tire it out and make something like squatting more stressful

          2) my low bar is not the westside feet to the edge of the rack ass backwards shins vertical that it used to be. again same thing as above, squatmornings are fine but doesn’t seem to lend itself to frequency.

          haha over like 225 hurts like hell on high bar i need to callus my traps or something.

  1. Well, he does provide a guideline on how to progress:

    “If you’re continuing to make progress at 3x a week then there is no reason to add any training days. In fact, there may never come a time where you need to add any extra training days.”

    I.e. no need to lift every day simply to say you’re lifting every day – if you can get gainz from 3 workouts per week, why do 4, or 7, or 21? From what I read about this guy, he “only” lifts 5 days per week and sometimes adds an extra day here or there.

          • Yeah I’m now lifting like 5 times per week and have a dedicated OH press day, hue. Strong hypocrisy is strong.

            Also can’t argue with way bigger total at way lower bodyweight.

    • Ha I foretold this exact objection and the two who would make it.

      Agree with frequency lower until needed but please I sucked training three or four times a week. 1200 @ 198 thanks Louie Simmons and Stuart mc Robert Not that I’m much better or it was worth the time, but…

      As for Pezzuti I’ve been sta.. um following him for a while and I’ve seen him comment on like a 600 squat: Third session of the day. So he might train five times a week now but really who knows…?

      • Coach for realz, I think you should train 2-3x per day most days a week and like, cycle it back and forth and do complex like, loading phases and all that stuff. Mostly because you’re not me and I don’t have to deal with painful joints and stuff so I can live vicariously through you and your blog. But see like how Ilya Ilyin does it for example? He eventually goes 3 sessions a day some weeks leading up. He also said though even with multisessions, if you feel tired do just have a lighter day.

        All I do now is 5 sets of 3 per exercise and add 5lbs if I feel like I can make it. Don’t know if this is a good training method or not, but oh well. I don’t even care anymore. I still wonder if the pinnacle of training is 20 sets of triples at approx 70-80% 5-6 days per week. Hmm.

        • i have less time than energy most days. contrary to what most people believe i do not have just all day to train whenever and then blog about it. would be nice. brb trained twice today now going to blog about it.

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