no problem

The best way to figure out whether you have to poop is to start warming up on squat  -Relax

The best way to find out that you *had* to poop is to start deadlifting.  -Radbromance

sage wisdom from mopility

apropos of nothing, my knees feel good and i don’t have to poop. knock on wood.

imaginary weight: 169 i can see a lot of forearm veins and i have been doing ab vacuums in the mirror so this must be correct.

Bench: 45×7(btn), 135×4, 185×3, 225×2, 265,275,280,285×1

i think the best thing is to do bench for a number of days until your shoulders hurt then do floor press til your elbows hurt

Floor Press: 135×3, 225×2, 265,275,285,290×1, 270×2,2, 275×3

Squat: 45×4, 135×3, 225×2, 285,335,355,375,385,395,405×1; 360x2x1, 365,370×1, 375x2x1, 380,385,390×1

i think the best thing to do is squat until everything hurts

Pulls (1.5″): 135×3, 225×2, 275,285×1; 230,235×2

i don’t have any wit/wisdom to share on deadlifting except that i am building up slowly and didn’t you deadlift 260 kg celica or was that a dream

VC: 5,5

time: 2:32


10 thoughts on “no problem

  1. No, I deadlifted…. how many kg. Like 160. 186.9 is my max sumo deadlift in kg.

    At least Coach has nice dreams about me. Unless I died of a heart attack after deadlifting 260kg.

          • I think it was Wo who deadlifted 260 kilos. Without ever working on his deadlift.

            Also the deadlifting numbers are the best part of this log, how you use less than 300 pounds until the day of the meet, then get on the platform and pull easily double that weight. Very impressive.

          • yes, uh, right that is all part of my plan – double my training weights.
            but i am trying to pull like a weightlifter i mean they pull often. what makes that different than a PL deadlift which crushes you. (obv they also throw the damn weight into the air) I’m thinking it is the rounding of the back and grinding. so i am trying to train like a weightlifter. also not rushing ahead. we’ll see if it pays off.
            i do think pulling when done not to extremes. is good for the old upper back and shoulders as counter to press and squat

          • Now that I’m not deadlifting “heavy”, but more frequently and focusing on form much more, I do feel a lot more upper back activation than I did before.

            But really the only reason I’m even doing rack pulls is because I saw Dorian Yates do them in a video about his “leg day” and I want the rugged power look as advertised by Pavel.

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