ate 4 pieces of steak at restaurant last night.  i think I’m on some kind of blacklist similiar to a card counter who isn’t allowed to play 2 hands at once.  They were very slow giving me the meat. hue.  I left a big tip anyway in hopes of setting a PR next time.  only had salad and no dessert, just some fruit.

wt (actual): 172.0 (post-gozzle).  new scale is pretty high tech.  instructions say do not place on vinyl or linoleum.  Whole house is vinyl or linoleum except garages.  So every morning at 5 am i guess i have to go to my garage and strip naked.

Squat: 45×7, 135×4, 225,315,365,390,410,420,430,440,450x1; 360,365,370,375,380,385,390,395×1

dedicated to the swede 🙂 depth could be deeper so i worked on going double low on all those volume singles

Floor Press: 45(btn)x7, 135×4, 205×2, 275,305,315×1; 275,280,285,290×2, 295,300,305,310,315×1, 275x2x3

Pulls: 135×3, 205,275,325×1; 260,265×2

VC: 6, 6

HC: 13

did some band pulling between deadlift sets i always feel bad like fatman will be upset if i don’t pull my band, but some days i have a severe revulsion to doing 2×10 band pulls after every press.

time: 2:18 floor press is way faster than bench.  if i had benched this would have been a 3 hr workout.


4 thoughts on “#34

    • Hear, hear.

      Mobility work might do you some good if you have a seriously compromised range of motion. Otherwise it seems to be an excuse to waste time at the gym without getting stronger.

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