bought batteries – it’s the scale – gotta get a new one.

weight (made up estimate): 170.2

changed up things started benching first so i could finish before squatting above 90%.

Bench: 45(btn)x8, 135×5, 200,260×3, 290×2, 310,320,330x1; 270,275,280×3, 285,290,295×2

got 330 but lifted butt. experimented on some sets with going back to my old wider grip of pinkies in rings and various middle grounds.

Squat: 45×5, 135,225×3, 295,365,385,400,415,430,440x1; 355,360×3

went extra low for hsilman.

not sure why i did the St. Vitus’ dance before, i think i was trying to get my feet so that they were even, which of course is a fools errand since a) i’m not even looking b) you can’t slide your foot an inch on a rubber mat with a weight on your back you either fucking pick your foot up and move it or you do a silly dance.

Pulls (0.5″): 135×3, 225×3, 295,305×1; 245×3

time: 2:21


14 thoughts on “#52

    • thanks. to give you more info i did my best bench 370@181 with pinkies on rings. it is maybe not as optimal for shoulders but it’s perhaps balanced by shorter ROM. so right now i’m doing a variety particularly on my warmups and volume sets everything from pinkies/rings to 1st thumb joint in the smooth which is practically a closegrip.

          • I get it. I’m so stinking innocent/ignorant that I’m like a villager in a war flick who gets sniped because he forgets there is a war going on.

          • dave’s on our side now just like the iraqis. no that’s a bad example. Ok, it’s not personal towards dave or anyone else i just think that your real name and where you are located or about to be located should be kept private on the internet.
            on the other hand i don’t mind showing you my wiener: 8===============)

          • I didn’t take it personal… Like I said, “protocol.” I’ll cheer for you over the internet and please, no wiener, I got three boys and see enough of that whether I want to or not.

  1. Match my best squat weighing 30# less than me.

    It’s fine.

    How much wider is pinkies on rings compared to your current grip?

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