weight: ordered this – https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00FX0S4DC/

imaginary weight: 170.8 wtf how did i gain 0.6 imaginary pounds it is so not fair.

BP: 45(btn)x6, 135×4, 195,250×3, 280×2, 305,315,325,335x1; 270,275,280,285,290×3, 295×2, 300×1

sigh, got but illegal

Squat: 45×6, 135,225×3, 295,335,370,390,405,420,435,445x1; 360,365,370×2

Pulls (1″): 135,225×3, 275,295×1; 245,250×2

time: 2:45

although i had to take 2 phone calls and find a piece of paper for Karena.  i’m on an organizing spree so i saw this paper on the floor of the front passenger seat of the car & i took it and placed it in my inbox.  Karena had put it there so she would be able to find it later.

i had already wrapped my wrists so i made her watch me bench 305 first.



3 thoughts on “#46

    • It has butterfly stickers on the lampshade. It came from Quincy’s room but is now unsafe as it cannot be climbed on and has a glass table around it. Eventually it will get smashed by an errant barbell I predict

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