Wt: 163.0

okay fine probably not still don’t have a scale.  i haven’t eaten any carbs though so i think we should see a good result.  Okay fine i did eat the last of my yams.  I didn’t want it to go to waste.  I named him Yambo because he was the last survivor of his unit.  And he is/was a steroid monster.  He was so big that I cut him into 3 servings.

Karena vigorously did not care to hear about Yambo.  Rex still finds most of the funny stuff I say funny, but he’s getting older.  Quincy, however, is the ideal audience for my antics.

When I prepare a yam, I usually sing out, “It’s a Yam-bor-EEE!”  Karena is indifferent to this.  Rex is, for some reason, annoyed.  Quincy however laughs every time, and has even started saying it herself at random times, making Karena less indifferent.

The other thing I like to say when preparing breakfast is from A Clockwork Orange.  No matter what I make for the kids, I say “Eggy wegs and long tics of toast” when I give them their food.  Again, this annoys Rex, but thrills Quincy, who as far as I know has never seen the film.

Squat: 45×7, 135×4, 225×2, 295,345,365,385,395,405,415,425,435; 350,355×3

you can weigh in in the comments but i’m giving it two white lights. you don’t know where my hip crease is man

Bench: 45(btn)x8, 135×5, 205×3, 275×2, 305,320,330,340x1; 270×3, 225×3, 275,280,285×3

it’s not totally totally obvious from the video but my ass was about a foot off the bench

had to take a 30 min or so break between bench volume sets bc i needed the rack to squat in.  i like how now that I’ve got my own gym, instead of other people, i have to let myself work in.

Pulls: 135,225×3, 275×2, 295,305,315×1; 255×3

VC: 9

time: 2:10


10 thoughts on “Yamboree

  1. Squat was good.

    Bench looked good to me too, I never passed my certification test with the Federation of Internet Lifting Judges and 340 @ 159 is legit even if you lifted your ass.

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