raw meat

Went to the buffet/steak place last night.  They changed their system so instead of loitering by the grill you tell your waitress and she brings you the steak.  She took our orders and said “twenty minutes” I don’t like new systems to begin with, but now I believed that it was a conspiracy to keep me from getting as much steak as I wanted/needed.

They brought my first steak.  It actually only took 10 min because the place wasn’t crowded.  It was borderline medium-rare but i ate it almost before the waitress had left.  When she came back I tried to get two more at the same time and she said that it was against the rules but we were regulars so she’d make an exception.  I reiterated how rare I liked it.

The next two steaks came in about 3 minutes.  They were so rare that the outside wasn’t even all the way brown.  Delicious.  My wife and inlaws were a little appalled.  This hot waitress came over and said “I just wanted to see who was gonna eat that.”

Then she said (multiple choice):

A) You’re a savage man-beast.

B) You’ll eat anything!  I got something else I want you to eat…

C) You gonna get worms.

Weight: 173.6

Squat: 45×4, 135,225,315×3, 345×2, 370,385,395,405,415x1; 335,340,345,350,355,360,365×1

Floor Press: 45(btn)x8, 135×4, 225×3, 265×2, 300,315,325,335x1; 265,270,275×3

Pulls (0.5″): 135,225×3, 255×2, 275,285,295×1

VC: 8

Time: 1:58

probably only one session today got other things to do; we’ll see. might squat again; who doesn’t like squatting.


13 thoughts on “raw meat

  1. I wonder what B was about and fuck yes dank ass fucking rare steak all the way. Sorry please keep up with me trying to br a caliboy tryhard.

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