catchy title

rap lyric!

i have not been reporting my weight because it has gotten so shameful and out of control.  It was up to 176.  I have not eaten carbs except for vegetables and the occasional fruit in 4 days.  today it was 173.2.  i’d like it to be 171 maybe 169 next month.


i like calling the first workout am and the second one pm even though they were both in the am as i got up early.

Squat: 45×6, 135×4, 225,295×3, 335×2, 365,380,390×1; 325×2, 330×1

somehow quincy knew that i was getting up early and woke up early forcing me to cut the workout short.  i tried music again for 1st workout but didn’t help

BTN: 45×8, 95×3

Bench: 145,195,245×3, 285×2, 305,315,325,330×1

time: 1:15


Squat: 45×5, 135×4, 225,315×3, 345×2, 375,390,400,410x1; 330,335,340,345×1

felt like singles.  listen i reset my max and also feel like rebolding, but i won’t put up any videos til i do 430

BTN: 45×8

BP: 135×4, 225×3; 265,270×3

DL: 135,225×3, 275×2, 295,300×1

i’ve been doing these like what i imagine a clean pull is without the rocking up on toes and shrugging, ie keeping my back as vertical as possible

Time: 1:17


3 thoughts on “catchy title

  1. Clean pulls are Oly Shoes and wider grip imo. But wtf do I know I power curl 235#.

    Got my stuff put together and ordered OFW Bumpers from Fringesport. Now just waiting for a dozen people with plates on craigslist to flake out so it will take me another month before I have enough weight to workout at home. Wife is set for the foreseeable future with 235# of bar and bumper though.

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