father of outstanding pooper

Rex brought home a certificate from school.  It said “outstanding achievement” and had other words on it like “honor” and “academic merit.” It looked significant, if somewhat vague.

Rex (thrusting certificate at me): Can I put this up in your office?

Me: Sure.  What’s it for?

Rex: Pooping.

I had UAB over Iowa State in one of my two brackets.  And Georgia State over Baylor in the other.  I selected all my teams randomly using historical percentages.  And Kenpom for the rare instances when the sample size was insufficient.  Except i picked Kentucky to win one and Duke to win the other.  Rex didn’t finish his because i was a bad dad and didn’t start doing it with him until breakfast this morning so I’m running after him to the bus stop yelling things like “Texas or SMU?”


Squat 45,135,225,295×3, 335×2, 360,370,380,390×1; 320,325×2, 330,335,340,345,350×1

BTN: 45×9, 115×3

FP: 175,235×3, 265×2, 295,310×1; 260,265,270×3

DL (1″): 135,205,225×3, 245,265,285×2

Time: about 1:40

Thursday AM

Squat 45×5, 135×4, 225,275×3, 320×2, 365,380,390,400×1; 320,325×2, 330,335×1

BTN: 45×7, 105×3

FP: 165,225×3, 275×2, 295,305,315,325,330x1; 265,270×3

Time: 1:15

Thursday AM (like 2 hrs later)

Squat: 45×4, 135,225,315×3, 345×2, 375,395,405×1; 325,330×3

DL (1.5″): 135,205,225,245,265×3

Time: 0:46


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