double sessions

update: Quincy fell asleep around 9.  Like this:


That’s the corner of the door that her head is against. Guess she got worn out beating on it.  I put her in her bed, where she remained until morning.


Squat: 45×8, 135,205,265×3, 315,335,355,365,375,385×1; 310,315×3

looked up during all the sets, it went good i took a video of the 355 but it looks the same as all my other squats so not posting it

BTN: 45×8, 95×4

Bench: 145×4, 195,245×3, 275×2, 295,305,315,325×1; 260,265×3

time: 1:17 but i mismanaged and started late bc miscalculated how much time i had


Squat: 45,135,225×3, 315×2, 350,365,375,385,395×1; 315,320×3

DL: 135,225,275,285,290×3

HC: 14

Time: :50

Rex was playing outside; i heard him talking to himself.  I opened the door to see if he wanted to come in and watch me lift.

Rex: Dad! There are a lot of wasps here!

Me: Don’t just stand there – run away!

Rex: I can’t, the wasps will get me!

Me: [shuts door]

Rex: [pounding on door]

Me: Not this door, go around through the garage.  (If he’d flung it open, it would have knocked the barbell off the rack)

typing this out makes me feel kind of like a bad dad, but in my defense: 1) he didn’t get stung 2) if I hadn’t invited him in, he would have just stood there all afternoon watching the wasps 3) wasps are not like dogs or bears or bullies who chase you because you ran away

so he watched me and sat in the chair where i told him to, and was mildly attentive/amused.  he asked how much was the most i had ever lifted, which is what most adults ask.  Then he told me to load it and lift it, which adults don’t usually ask.  I told him not to play with the chalk dust. He counted the reps of my volume squats, which i liked.  He asked me if he could put toys in the gym so he could play with them while i lifted.  I told him that wasn’t such a good idea.  then we went inside.


10 thoughts on “double sessions

  1. Three things I’m really impressed by:

    1. Having time to train twice a day for an hour at a time,
    2. Closing in on double BW bench and 2.5 BW squat,
    3. Kid calling you out on your lifting claims.

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