leaping from tree to tree all nimbly bimbly like a cat

squat: 45×5, 135×3, 225×2, 275×1, 315,345,365,375×1; 340×1,1, 345×1

some sets with 135 and 225 trying to figure out the problem

would have perservered with volume in this torturous fashion but had limited time.  everything felt heavy today.  i tried disobeying broz and warming up with singles but it didn’t help.  i may try looking up at the ceiling like he suggests.  maybe the answer is written up there ha.

btn: 45×8, 115×3

fp: 165,215×3, 265×2, 290,305,315,320x1; 260,265×3

vc: 5

time: 1:17

Karena tried to nap Quincy yesterday but she threw her leg over the edge of the crib and pulled herself up, preparing to tumble to the floor.  She is very athletic & daring.  When Rex was two we didn’t have to tell him not to climb on things because 1) he was too fat 2) he was too timid.

So I hauled out the bed that Rex (and me in the 70s-90s, new mattress and box spring i think) used to use and we set it up.  It was pretty high off the ground.  Karena’s parents bought a bed guard, two little pink flaps that supposedly keep the kid from rolling out.  So we set that up too.  Meanwhile Rex is watching Quincy in her play yard (fenced in pen in the living room).  During his watch she fell and hit her head (not seriously) and pooped (seriously).

When we put Quincy in the new bed the first thing she did was stand up and try to jump off of it into the crib.  So we brought up her old pack-n-play, which is basically a 2x3x2 box (open top unfortunately).  Now her room had 3 “beds” and getting around was like playing tetris.  But she took her nap and slept the night in it.

This morning she figured out how to climb out of that too.  So we disassembled the bed and the crib, and took the pack-n-play away.  We just put a mattress on the floor.  (I suggested this as a first step and so did Karena’s dad but she doesn’t read this so I can speak freely here)

The message Quincy has apparently received from all this is:

Mom and Dad have stopped putting up barriers to keep you from getting out of your bed.  So they must want you to rummage through your room, bang on the door, stumble around in the dark, and yell about “fries” and “cake.”

Karena has the 8-9 shift of resetting Quincy.


Me: Are you fucking crazy?

Me (what I actually said): I don’t think that will send the right message.

I have the 9 – infinity shift.  Wish me luck.


5 thoughts on “leaping from tree to tree all nimbly bimbly like a cat

  1. I am beside myself. I finally got a rubber mat for my platform. Weeks later. two guys flaked out, and the actual fitness supply store has been out for weeks. I decided to call back on a fluke and they had some in stock again.

    So I drove by this morning and picked one up(it’s on my route at work). It was $60, so a bit expensive, but I’d finally be done. Get it home and it’s only 3/8″. I had to say “3/4, right?” at least a dozen times over the past few weeks calling to ask if they are in stock again yet.

    So now I have given up, I’m going to just suck it up and buy a second mat and cut them and stack them, and I’ll have 3/4″ of rubber. I knew I should have just sucked it up weeks ago and borrowed a car and driven out to TSC even though it’s like 2.5 hrs plus gas and tolls. Whatever, this shit will finally be done.

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  3. Sometimes my Maine Coon meows at night when she wants pets, food, or water. Sometimes at like 3AM. This gets slightly annoying at times.

    Kids sound a lot harder.

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